An Ultimate Guide to Choosing Magnetic Track Lighting

Introducing The First Magnetic Light by FLOS

Do you know about a new lighting system that can help your business grow even more? We’re talking about the super famous magnetic track lighting.

If you are in the retailing industry of lighting fixtures, it’s vital to know about the various types of lighting available on the market.

One type of lighting that has grown in prominence in recent years is magnetic track lighting.

However, when it comes to choosing a magnetic track light, there are a few things you should be mindful of. This guide will guide you through choosing the right magnetic LED track lighting.

So, without further ado, let’s start with magnetic track lighting and its working principles.

>>This article is about the new LED magnetic track light. If you are looking for traditional LED track lighting, please check out this article. >>LED track lighting blog

An Ultimate Guide to Choosing Magnetic Track Lighting

What is Magnetic Track Lighting and Its Working Principles?

Magnetic Track Lighting - What is It and How Does It Work

Magnetic track lighting is a type of lighting that uses a magnetic field to attach the light fixture to the track. Aluminum shells, copper conductors, and iron sheets make up the track. Luminaires with magnets adhere to iron tracks with no tools while being in contact with copper conductors simultaneously. A DC48V transformer powers the entire magnetic track lighting system with AC110-220V. You can install a magnetic attraction lamp on the magnetic linear track quickly and easily.

Moreover, because it’s installed on a track, you can easily move it around to provide the right amount of light. Using different parts, it is also possible to connect the magnetic tracks to form an L
shape, square shape, U shape, etc.

What are the Components of Magnetic Track Lights?

There are three components of a magnetic track lighting system. These components include magnetic track rails, magnetic lighting fixtures, and accessories. It is crucial to take notice of each of these components in different ways.

Let’s have a closer look at them.

1- Magnetic Track Rails

There are three types of magnetic tracks based on installation: recessed, suspended, and surface-mounted. Track strips determine the width of magnetic lamp track heads. For example, only lamps with track heads of 20mm width can be installed on a track of 20mm width.

The magnetic rails are the backbone of the system. They must be installed correctly to provide a stable foundation for the fixtures and accessories. The rails also need to be properly powered to work correctly.

2- LED Magnetic Track Light Luminaires

Many magnetic lamps are available today. The most common ones are:

  • Fold Magnetic Grille Spotlights
  • Spotlight With Framing
  • Magnetic Grid Spotlights
  • Magnetic Linear Floodlights
  • Adjustable Folding Spotlights
  • Magnetic Track Spotlights
  • Magnetic Pendant Lights


The luminaires have a modular design, making them flexible to add, subtract, and move. Here is a list of their current features:

NameLuminousVoltagesBeam AngleColor
Magnetic grill light130mL48v24black
Magnetic foldable grill light130mL48V24black
Magnetic flood light130mL48V90black
Magnetic foldable flood light130mL48V90black
Magnetic polarised light130mL48VPolarizedblack
Magnetic foldable polarised light130mL48VPolarizedblack
Magnetic track grill light130mL48V90black
Magnetic track grill floodlight130mL48V90black
Magnetic track light130mL48V15/24/36black
Magnetic pendant light130mL48V15/24/36black


3- Magnetic Track Lighting Accessories

A magnetic track light system that includes a connector, a driver, an external power supply, an L-shaped connector, and adapters (horizontal and vertical connectors). You can visit our magnetic led track light section to learn more about these accessories.

How to Choose the Right Type of Magnetic Track Lighting?

You can sell your customers versatile and stylish magnetic track lighting as a wholesaler. Your customers can use them in a variety of settings. But with so many different types & styles of magnetic track lighting on the market, how do you find the right one?

No worries! Here is a quick guide to choosing the best magnetic rail tracking light for your business.

Let’s get started with step no 1!

Step #1. Choosing The Design Pattern Of Your Preference

The first step is to choose the perfect design pattern for your whole track lighting system. There are mainly four types of design shapes available. These design shapes include L, I, U, and square shapes.

  • L Shape – This design shape is ideal for lobbies, living rooms, and dressing rooms.
  • I Shape – Commonly used for home spaces such as the dining room, sitting room, and kitchen.
  • U Shape – You can use this design shape in living rooms.
  • Square Shape – Both businesses and living spaces can use it.

Moreover, the track layout includes a linear parallel magnetic suction and DIY personality magnetic track layout.

  • “Linear parallel” type magnetic suction track layout – The simplest and most effective solution is to lay 2-3 parallel magnetic tracks along the ceiling.
  • “DIY personality” type magnetic track layout – You can adjust the shape however you like.

Step #2. Choosing The Right Magnetic Track Rail

4 installation methods of magnetic track

Now that you have selected your preferred design pattern, it is time to choose the magnetic track. There are three most-used types of magnetic tracks. These types include

  • Recessed Magnetic Track: The magnets are placed in a groove in the base to hide the track. This track type is used when aesthetics are important, such as in a museum setting.
  • Trimless Magnetic Rail: The magnets are placed in a groove in the base, and the track is visible. This type of track is used when functionality is more important than aesthetics.
  • Pendant/ Surface Magnet Track: The magnets are attached to the track’s surface. This type of track is used when space is limited.

For detailed installation instructions, check out this blog >>>Magnetic Rail Tracking Lights: How Many Can You Put?  point 4

Or click to download the most detailed magnetic track light installation PDF.

Step #3. Selecting Magnetic LED Track Lighting

magnetic track lighting system

Remark – The flood light uses 6V150mA single 1W led chips. The grille light uses 12V150mA single 2W led chips.

Choose the magnetic track lighting that best suits your wholesale business.

Step #4. Choosing Accessories For Magnetic Track Lighting System

magnetic Connector ( direct connection&elbow)

Choosing the right accessories for your magnetic track lighting system is vital to ensure that it functions properly. There are a variety of different accessories available, including horizontal connectors, L-shape adapters, and connectors.

Customers can choose from various accessories to suit their specific settings, and not every accessory has to be used with every other.

So, with so many options available, it is crucial to take the time to find the appropriate accessories for your particular system. Doing so can ensure that your system will work correctly and look great for years.

Step #5. Choosing The External Magnetic Driver

magnetic track Driver

There are two options for the basic driver selection system.

  • 48V built-in Driver – The first choice is a 48V built-in driver, which would be integrated into the overall system. A suspension or surface-mounted track is ideal for all magnet tracks. It has available power of 100W and 200W.
  • External Driver – The second choice is an external driver. The external driver focuses on recessed installation and is of much higher quality than the integrated driver. The Meanwell power supply is accessible for 100W, 200W, and 350W.

The air conditioner’s air outlet or the dedicated maintenance port can be placed on the external power supply.

FAQs About Magnetic Track Lighting

In most cases, we recommend keeping a distance of 40-60cm between the magnetic linear track and the wall. However, this may vary depending on the size of your home.

Installing the track too close to the wall may result in sub-optimal performance, while installing it too far from the wall may look unsightly. Ultimately, it is up to the homeowner to decide what looks and works best for their space.

Yes, you can dim led magnetic track lights! At KingOrnan, we have a variety of dimmable LED magnetic track lights for your convenience. Our 0-10V dimmable lights are easy to control and can be dimmed to your desired level.

We also have DALI dimmable lights, which are even easier to control with the DALI interface. For the ultimate convenience, we also have smart dimmable magnetic track lights that you can turn on and off remotely. You can control their brightness level via Tuya App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.
You can also download the manual instructions.

LED lighting fixtures have a few disadvantages when compared to other types of lighting fixtures. One primary disadvantage is cost – magnetic lighting fixtures are three times more expensive than other types. Here you can find the magnetic track light price list.

Avoid applying any downward pressure to the track regarding magnetic track light installation on the track or its surrounding area. If you do that, a track can separate from the ceiling, causing property damage and a lighting system failure.

Final Words

Modern magnetic track lighting lets you create vertical or horizontal lighting in your home or office. These lights are easy to install, which makes them a great project for DIYers. These lights will be popular with your customers, so that you will sell many of them as a wholesaler. If you are interested in buying them at affordable prices from a reputable magnetic track lighting manufacturer, KingOrnan is your best bet! Visit our website to have a peek at our lighting products!

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