Best magnetic track lighting installation pitfall avoidance guide

magnetic track lighting system Usage Scenarios

By daylight in the day, by light at night, light is the soul of a space, light and shadow blend space, to create the ultimate beauty.

Magnetic track light with its simple appearance design has become an important element of interior lighting design, coupled with the light body is easy to disassemble and assemble, mobile, no main light lighting, and other multiple advantages, popular among young people, has become the mainstream trend of home decoration style.

But there are many considerations when installing magnetic track lighting; if you do not pay attention to these matters, they will become a big hole in your decoration.

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Best magnetic track lighting installation pitfall avoidance guide

Four points must be noted when installing magnetic track lighting

Home-installed magnetic suction track lights never step on these four pits; many homeowners’ homes do without the main light design, but in the layout of magnetic suction track lights, ninety percent of the lighting design are stepped on the pit, to not step on the pit must pay attention to these 4 points.

Magnetic track light decoration considerations

How far away from the wall do magnetic track lights need to be?

Magnetic track light distance from the wall, if hanging from the side of the beam or less than 50 centimeters from the wall, will lead to lighting effects exposure, or light hitting the ceiling, the light effect is blocked by the ceiling, thus affecting the aesthetic.

Magnetic track light distance from the wall

This is a magnetic track light 30 cm from the wall, 40 cm from the wall, and 50 cm from the wall of the actual picture. So it is recommended to hang more than 50 centimeters from the wall or beam side, the light soft transition to look good if there is a TV wall and other prominent places. It is needed based on 50 cm plus its protruding size.

How should the magnetic track lights be distributed on the track?

Magnetic track light distribution

A track on the lamps and lanterns as far as possible scattered installation, like this long and scattered, will be more atmospheric and high-grade than the short and gathered with.

How should the magnetic rail light match?

Magnetic track light style with

Although the track lights can be randomly matched, a track on the type of lamps and lanterns as far as possible not more than three, the more will be clutter, lighting mixed is also very strange, simple and pure is the best choice.

How to choose magnetic track lighting for TV backdrop?

How to choose magnetic track lighting for TV backdrop

background wall to be careful with spotlights; spotlights are very difficult to choose when the control is good, accidentally overexposed, so the effect is too eye-catching so that people ignore the material itself, and a long time to see such light is easy to visual fatigue. Against the wall, the effect will be better with kingornan magnetic foldable grill light; the light hitting the back wall also becomes soft, not too bright, and watching TV will also be more comfortable.

What should we pay attention to when installing magnetic suction lights?

4 installation methods of magnetic track

Magnetic suction light installation involves three parts: track, transformer, and light source.

Among them, the light source is installed by magnetic suction, very simple. But the other two are going to take a little more work.

Common magnetic suction light has three kinds of track: embedded track, surface-mounted track, and suspended magnetic suction light track.

In addition to personal preferences, aesthetics, and other factors, you also need to consider the ceiling.

Hidden track

This is the installation way of installing a magnetic suction track and then sealing the gypsum board. The bottom does not have to be reinforced with a woodworking board, but also the keel can be reserved according to the size we need in the early stage of woodworking ceiling.

The embedded track needs to do the ceiling, which means choosing this kind of track, to do a good job of planning before the ceiling. As with other embedded tracks, the process is more troublesome to install in the ceiling slot and seal the board.

Surface - mounted track and lifting track:

This track can be used with or without a suspended ceiling. Ming is no more than the ceiling can be installed magnetic suction track, installation is the bottom need to have a buckle, fixed magnetic suction track. This installation is very simple.

First of all, determine the fixed position of the track, then fix the track buckle on the ceiling, and then clight the guide rail at the buckle, and finally install the light holder into the track, to ensure that the light holder is on the horizontal line, and adjust the light.

It is important to note that the light will be relatively heavy, pay attention to the bearing capacity and sealing of the track during installation, pay attention to the wire must be installed in the connector of the track after installation, and finally tighten with screws. No ceiling, must be in the ceiling slot pull wire, to professional electrician operation.


Magnetic track light Transformer

Transformer is an indispensable component that many people tend to ignore.

The magnetic suction track light is generally 24V/48V, there is an external transformer. Not the traditional high voltage 220V light. So the question is, how does this transformer hide? LED electronic products must be involved in maintenance, if the early seal to the ceiling, how to take out the broken maintenance?

There are usually 2 types of transformers:

One is the traditional embedded transformer, large volume, generally hidden in smallpox, air conditioning access port, curtain box, and other places. Before installing the magnetic suction light, you must first think about where to hide the outlet of the transformer.

What if the transformer has nowhere to hide? Consider a one-piece transformer. It has the same appearance as the track, can be attached to one end of the track, and looks unbroken.

According to our experience of us, if there is no air conditioning port or cabinet nearby, the transformer is small, you can try the nearby downlight hole. Otherwise, it needs to be considered in the air conditioning access port or cabinet. Some can also be put in the reflector tank, there are many ways, we consider according to their actual situation.

What else should you consider when installing?

How to find
  1. The style can be customized, the installation position can be flexible, not only installed on the ceiling can also be installed on the wall, and support a variety of installation methods, can also choose the installation method and style according to the space and can even mix and match.
  2. disassembly and assembly are simple and unlimited, you can move the light source according to your mood and preferences, you can also add the light source according to your own ideas and you can control the switch of the light off at will, light disassembly and assembly are also very convenient, really very suitable for little girls.
  3. can support different types of application scenarios, whether want to be a decorative element of lighting, provide the overall basis of lighting, or increase the emotional atmosphere of the space lighting or life occasionally create some romantic dining space can almost be met with the magnetic suction track.
  4. Experienced electricians must be invited to the installation process to avoid installation mistakes in the construction, which will cause inevitable losses and increase costs.

Maintenance methods for track lights

In the use of track light lighting as far as possible not to switch frequently, because the light in the frequent start of the moment, the current through the filament is greater than the normal working current, so the filament temperature rises sharply to accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, to minimize the track light switch.

When cleaning and maintenance, attention should be paid to not changing the structure of the light, and do not replace some parts of the track light. After cleaning and maintenance, the light should be installed as is, and not leak or misinstall the light parts.

Final Words

After reading this article, do you know how to avoid misplacing magnetic rails when installing them? If you are still hesitating to buy a magnetic light, kingornan will guide you to choose the right model. If you have any further questions, our experts are here to help. Contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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