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Can LED Strip Lights Catch Fire?

Can LED Strip Lights Catch Fire?

Many people have heard that light fixtures can cause fires. It was an accident, but it was true: Traditional light fixtures could overheat and cause a fire. Nowadays, though, we use LED products like LED strip lights and LED linear lights. These LED lights are much safer than traditional lighting mechanisms, so people started using LED lights instead.

Can LED Strip Lights Catch Fire?

Can LED Strip Lights Catch Fire?

LED strip lights are manufactured from LED, PCB, and resistors. The wattage per meter is approximately 1w/m to 30w/m. Low-voltage LEDs are not hot when you touch the surface. The light produced by LEDs is not at a high temperature; therefore, they do not catch fire easily. Traditional incandescent bulbs produce 100w/pcs or more heat and are hot to the touch. This article will help you avoid incorrect installation methods and explain why LEDs are safer than traditional bulbs.

How does an incandescent light bulb start a fire?

How does an incandescent light bulb start a fire

Even though they’re old, many people still use incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs have been in use for more than a century. Thomas Edison invented the first incandescent lamp in 1879. These bulbs are similar to the ones we still use today–they provide ambient lighting and are very common in our homes. They can get extremely hot, which is why you should never touch them with your bare hands. I know it’s happened before but I’m sure you touched one at least once when you were younger. If they come into contact with flammable materials such as paper or fabric (which ignite at 130°C/266°F), they have the potential to catch fire.

Do LED strip lights ever get hot?

Do LED strip lights ever get hot

LED strip lights are energy efficient and produce little heat. They’re 3w/m to 18w/m and the temperature of the LED strip light will be between 30-50℃. LEDs are harmless when it comes to catching fire. LEDs don’t have enough heat to start a fire. LED efficiency ranges from 20-50%. They can be installed in a variety of places. Because LEDs don’t get hot like incandescent bulbs, they’re safe to use around children and pets. LEDs are also safer than incandescent bulbs because they don’t contain toxic mercury.

Do LED strip lights get hot enough to harm you?

If the temperature of your skin touches anything that is at 40℃, you feel warm. If the temperature goes above 50℃, your skin can burn. From our experience, if the wattage of an LED strip light is less than 20w/m and is installed on aluminium profiles surface where heat dissipation is good, the temperature of this LED strip light won’t exceed 50℃. Normally, people don’t easily touch an LED strip light where it has been installed, so there’s no risk of scalding or damaging the product.

Can hot temperatures harm LED PCBs or their components?

Quality PCB (Printed circuit boards)  can withstand a lot of heat. During our SMT process, the reflow soldering temperature is up to 250℃. Although it is a short time, you will know that PCB is not easy to damage by heat. And the LED components including resistance, IC and so on. These components are also not easily damaged by heat.

Is it possible for a light strip to catch fire?

LED strip lights can’t catch fire. If you buy a quality LED strip light, it won’t catch fire. The quality LED strip light factory has a strict quality control process. Designers consider problems possible when making their designs, and producers use quality PCBs, LEDs and insulation, and 3M tape during production. Good quality LED strip lights don’t get hot and have long lives.

Is it safe to leave the LED strip light on all day long?

Engineers design an LED light by deciding how long it will last. They know that LEDs run cool, so they don’t need to worry about using them for a long time. They turn on the light when they need it.

Are there any other fire-related risks with LED strips?

Strip light silicone channel is a unique product that sets itself apart from other silicone products. Strip light silicone is a unique product that sets itself apart from other silicone products. It’s flexible and can be shaped into whatever you need.

Using low-quality LED strips

Before you buy LED strip lights, you should verify that they are of high quality. You can purchase some samples from different suppliers before making a large purchase. Good-quality products will be at a higher price. If you choose to buy cheap LED strip lights, you risk purchasing faulty products.

Poor-quality power supply

Power supplies are important for LED strips. A good power supply can be compatible with LED strips and work well with them. We suggest our clients use good quality power supplies, like King Ornan, Philips, Osram and Meanwell brands. OR Power supplies are essential for LED strips. If you use a good-quality power supply, your LED strips will work well and last longer. We always advise our clients to use high-quality power supplies.

Wire size unmatched to light strip

When installing or wiring the LED strip light, you must consider the wire size that matches the rated current value of the circuit. The higher power of the LED strip light, to avoid overheating and melting of the wire, requires a larger wire size. Calculate the current in your circuit and confirm your wire size before installation.

Bad Installation

When installing an LED strip, take care to ensure that the connections are secure and well-insulated. Best to solder your joints, but there are other options available. When installing in direct sunlight, be sure to get a heat conductive adhesive or some tape for protection.

How can you keep LED strips from overheating?

How can you keep LED strips from overheating

When you need to cool your LED strip, try these methods:

Use aluminum profiles

This aluminum profile is made of aluminum and can protect the LED strip lights from dust, water, and any other outside elements. What’s more, this product can lower the temperature of the LED strip lights by more than 5℃.

Dimmers use…

Dimmers are designed to help you control the brightness of LEDs. You can reduce the power supply of the LEDs, so they work properly. Infrared switches, on the other hand, use infrared light to turn lights on and off and can also help reduce heat build-up in cabinets.

Use Brand LED strips

LED strip lights from quality manufacturers make a serious difference in quality and efficiency. In order to ensure that you get the best experience possible, look for companies with a reputation for excellence.

Pro Installation

Not everyone knows about LED strip lights, so you should hire a professional to install them. If you don’t know much about LED strip lights, ask your LED supplier for some tips. They’ll be happy to tell you which installation methods are best and which ones not to use.


LED light bars are a popular lighting fixture. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and do not easily catch fire. We should use only brand-name LED strips, following professional advice when installing them. If they are used correctly, they will not cause fires.

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