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KingOrnan is a leading commercial lighting supplier and manufacturer in China; we have 100+ product lines and 10+ years of commercial lighting manufacturing experience.

KingOrnan can provide you with competitive prices and high-quality commercial lighting fixtures.

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KingOrnan is one of the leading led lighting manufacturers in China, specializing in Led commercial lighting, lighting design, and smart lighting systems. Kingornan as a commercial lighting supplier, we do commercial lighting services for LED magnetic track lights, led linear lights, led strip lights, led track lights, led batten lights, led panel lights, led down lights, led spotlights, led tube lights, led bulb, with their lighting design and smart solutions. We are the leading trend of commercial lighting and experts in commercial lighting solutions!

LED magnetic lights are a kind of lighting fixture that connects led lighting components to the track using an energized magnetic track. LED magnetic lights now mainly have Fold Magnetic Grille Spotlights, Spotlight With Framing, Magnetic Grid Spotlights, Magnetic Linear Floodlights, Magnetic Track Spotlights, and Magnetic pendant lights.
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LED Aluminium profiles series is a high-end flexible decorative light characterized by a long lifespan, low power consumption, high brightness, and easy installation. The light frame is made of aluminum alloy with clear lines and a simple structure, which has a beautiful appearance and sturdy corrosion resistance.
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LED spotlights are high-efficiency, directional lighting devices that utilize LEDs as their light source. They are extensively used in both commercial and residential lighting settings, offering a variety of styles to meet different beam angle requirements .
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A track light is a light mounted on a track to provide adjustable illumination; it is generally used where essential lighting is required. It can use in public areas such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, high-end clubs, and homes. There is no requirement for space because what can install the linear track both in light and dark areas, and various combinations can be arranged to meet the lighting needs of the space.
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LED batten light, a combination of negative ion-generating equipment and high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, generate many negative ions when illuminated. It is widely used in hotels, offices, conference rooms, families, and tea houses. Leisure and entertainment places such as karaoke halls and Internet cafes are excellent products for improving air quality and eliminating harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene.
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LED downlights are the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option among traditional lightings. LED downlights offer an effective and long-lasting solution for household and workplace use. LED spot lights are high brightness, good looking, long life span and easy installation. They are a cost-effective & environmentally friendly alternative to halogen and fluorescent lights.
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LED panel lights are high-end indoor lighting fixtures that have become popular for residential and commercial lighting projects. Their aluminum alloy outer frames are anodized for durability, while their light sources are LEDs to provide bright, soft, and uniform illumination.
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LED tube lights are available in a variety of sizes, with a range of specifications for power and length, and various size options can meet the lighting needs of different spaces.Led tubes save more energy and are more efficient than fluorescent tubes. They are stronger, more powerful, energy efficient, brighter and longer lasting.
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LED bulbs mimic the shape of traditional bulbs, but the light source is made from LED chips. Like all LED lamps, they offer energy savings and environmental protection; a long life; no stroboscopic or green light; and a uniform light distribution that does not cause glare or ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
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LED light strips are generally divided into flexible LED light strips and hard-wired LED light strips. Flexible LED light strips are made of flexible plastic and can be curved at will, allowing for unique configurations and designs. They are designed for many applications and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as bars and restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, shop windows, museums, and showcases, as well as residential applications and offices.
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KingOrnan is a leading commercial lighting manufacturer in China, focusing on developing technologically advanced products. KingOrnan dedicates itself to creating energy-efficient, long-lasting, high-quality, affordable, and well-designed lighting solutions for commercial spaces. The company’s production line of smart lighting products has been innovating to make people’s lives more comfortable and productive by offering high-quality lighting solutions for public places, professional spaces, and homes.


  • KingOrnan is a China commercial lighting manufacturer and factory producing high-quality commercial lighting fixtures with durable and reliable product quality and competitive prices.
  • KingOrnan with 10+ years of deep experience in commercial lighting and ISO9001:2015 system certification.
  • KingOrnan strictly controls the quality of raw materials. Starting from the process of raw materials, we carry out process improvement and control the details of raw materials, from the material, color consistency, thickness consistency, and other details of the layers of selection and control. All the materials used in the products are per international standards and customer requirements.
  • As customers in different markets need to provide different certifications, KingOrnan provides customers with certifications that meet market requirements. Such as CE, Rohs, CB, Saso, BIS, Inmentro, New Erp standard, etc.
  • KingOrnan offers different warranty time according to different products. During the warranty time, if any products met problems, KingOrnan after sales will take charge. All goods from KingOrnan are warranted.
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  • KingOrnan as benchmarks for innovation, quality and new energy-efficiency standards. KingOrnan has been committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in quality, value, customer service and innovation.
  • Product features: KingOrnan R&D team is committed to the products for it’s energy-saving technologies, smart control systems, and specialized lighting effects.
  • Patents: KingOrnan as one of the best manufacturer that holds patents on our products , and we are become forefront of innovation in the lighting industry.

Industry Trend leader:

  • KingOrnan Invest in research and development: KingOrnan as a commercial lighting manufacturer we are constantly working to improve and innovate our products, we always keep moving as an industry trend leaders.
  • KingOrnan Stay up-to-date with industry trends: To stay competitive, KingOrnan is researching new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques that can improve the quality and efficiency of our products.
  • KingOrnan collaborates with industry leaders: KingoRNAN Partnering with industry leaders from different countries helps us gain insights into the latest trends and technologies and help us stay ahead of the curve.
  • KingOrnan focus on customer needs: KingOrnan identifying and addressing the needs and preferences of customers, it can help us stay ahead of the curve and meet market demand.

In Bulk(Also offer Customization):

  • KingOrnan is able to provide customized solutions for our customers. We do finish products, CKD, and SKD according to the different market requirements, down the cost of tax for customers; KingOrnan serves OEM &ODM customers.
  • Visualize customized products: KingOrnan offers tools such as 3D rendering or visualization software to help customers see what their customized products will look like before they place an order.
  • Teamwork: KingOrnan services customers with our team, including engineers, designers, and customer service representatives. Make sure customer requirements are clearly met.

Customer service:

  • Deliver time: By confirming the customer’s delivery time, we can reasonably arrange the incoming material time, production time, and inspection time, and control the whole order rhythm through the system to ensure that the order is delivered within the delivery period required by the customer.
  • Technical support: Different customers need to achieve different standards of parameters, we will be based on the needs of the customer market, the customer to come up with the most cost-effective solutions, and skills to meet the market impact of technical requirements, but also to minimize costs so that the product is popular in the market, the customer can also improve the rate of repurchase.
  • After-Sales Service: We will provide customers with a certain percentage of the spare parts in the order, and we will give timely and supportive help to customers with any problems in after-sales maintenance. Let customers’ after-sales problems be solved at any time; customer satisfaction is KingOrnan’s constant pursuit.
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One Stop Solutions:

Solutions of led light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We had more than 10 years of experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan was founded. In 2012, we began to focus on LED lighting products. Besides conventional lighting, KingOrnan has also invested much in the smart light series.

KingOrnan guarantees product quality for each partner. We offer certification support to meet different requirements, such as New Erp, CE, Rohs, CB, SASO, etc, which can help clients make customs clearances and sell easily. We will try to supply any certifications you need.

KingOrnan will be your best light partner in China.

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KingOrnan strives to provide customers with safe and high-quality products by strictly inspecting and managing all parts and raw materials used in its products. Since 2012, KingOrnan has been supplying more than 80 countries with more than 500 customers worldwide.

Production Process

Incoming inspection:
Incoming goods inspection is a way for a manufacturer to protect themselves from damages incurred during production. Some suppliers make materials look good in packing, making it difficult for people to know if their goods are damaged when they are in production. The incoming material inspection involves having a representative of your business inspect the materials before they go to production.

Standardized production
As commercial lighting supplier, King Ornan manufacturing focuses on reducing waste and improve quality in all areas of the business.There are five core principles to create an effective work environment: Seiri, Seiton,Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. We’ll look at how to create an effective production environment, efficient workspace management and maintenance, how to organize and clean up tools and workstations, creating pride in ownership and a positive work environment. To make sure orders from customers are standard follow requirement.

Inspection before shipment
Inspection before shipment is essential to ensure that packages and goods are of the highest quality. And each detail match customer requirement. All will be perfect when the customer receives goods.

Testing and Warranty

Prenatal sample test:
After an order is confirmed, King Ornan team will arrange prenatal sample testing to ensure the stability of the product scheme and performance and to ensure that production proceeds smoothly. At the same time, all raw materials are re-confirmed. After confirmation, they are sealed.

Intrapartum sampling test:
In our production process, all our commercial lights will undergo 100% aging and some of them will be tested for performance and visual defects to ensure that they meet quality standards.

Bulk sampling test:
Before bulk goods are put into a warehouse, King Ornan will also carry out a last sampling test to ensure that the quality of the product and our first sample congruent with customer’s order. One more test, more confidence for customers.

After-sales service:
All products meet quality assurance standards according to customer orders. If there is any problem during the warantee period, we will have a dedicated after-sales service department to connect with you. King Ornan team is your trusted partner.


Manufacturer’s existing certification

King Ornan has different manufacturers to produce different led lights. So we make certifications according to the manufacturers. Till now we have ISO, CE, Rohs, CB,

Cooperate with customers for local certification

As different countries need different of their local certifications, some customers are not so familiar with how to with it. King Ornan help our customers to get their local certifications, such as IECEE(CB), SASO, GCC; Sirim, etc.

Certification in plan


Customer Evaluation

kingornan pays attention to every customer’s feedback and is dedicated to solving any problems that arise. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our product or service.

More Choice

King Ornan is not an only expert in commercial lighting services, our team also specialized in outdoor lighting, Led light accessories, Smart lights, Led grow light, etc. What lighting you are looking for, our engineer is ready for research and development.


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It’s according progress of the order. If materials are not arranged, we can support a change order, if materials are ordered, we can’t agree to change order.

It’s according to quantities, normally more than 2000PCS/item can do LOGO, less than 2000PCS if need printing LOGO need pay extra cost. Different products, quantities will a bit difference..

If you need special material of commercial lighting, first we will confirm whether this materials can function in this light, and we will make samples for kinds of testing ,make sure it’s 100% guaranteed. If failed for testing, then can’t follow.

Normally 30-35 days after confirm deposit and draft packing.

Yes, normally we will offer 0.2% of driver for free as spare parts.

It’s according trade terms, only CIF, we will buy insurance in our side, other trade terms you need buy in your side.

Payment of our company will be T/T, L/C, etc.

According to different product series, there are different MOQs, generally, a single MOQ is 500PCS.

FAQS About King Ornan Commercial Lighting

What questions and problems you met, just let us know, we will fulfill our FAQS until you can find all answers in commercial lighting in our FAQS. King Ornan is an expert in commercial lighting solutions.

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