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Your Best Emergency Light Manufacturers

King Ornan is an emergency Light manufacturer, service provider, and wholesale distributor of emergency lights.

We have everything you need to install, test, maintain and upgrade your emergency lighting system.

King Ornan Emergency Lights

King Ornan Emergency Lights are new and innovative products that can provide safe, yet bright light anywhere you need it. King Ornan Emergency Lights are designed to protect your family and home from power outages by providing illumination in a variety of everyday and emergency situations.

The King Ornan rechargeable emergency light is the best solution for power failures and emergencies. It's small, portable, and with multiple modes, so anyone will be able to operate it. It can also be recharged easily using a power bank, making it convenient and versatile. When you are in the dark, having an emergency light guarantees comfort and safety.
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The King Ornan Emergency Light provides professional grade lighting in the event of a power failure, and is suitable for use in homes, schools, and other commercial buildings. It contains LEDs that provide efficient, uniform brightness.
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King Ornan Emergency Light is a perfect emergency light for you. It is small and easy to carry, you can take it anywhere you want. It comes with a rechargeable battery which will last for 8 hours or more.
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The Emergency Light Exit Sign is designed for use in emergency situations. If you want to add extra security as well as emergency lighting to your home or office, consider King Ornan Emergency Light Exit. It is easy to install and works wirelessly.
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King Ornan has designed a lightweight emergency light bulb that is reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective. For emergency or normal use, the King Ornan Emergency Light bulb is a great choice. It is useful in an emergency and also good for keeping your home brightly lit.
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If you're looking for a portable solar-powered light source, this King Ornan product is the one for you. It comes with a built-in solar panel that automatically charges itself during the day and can provide up to 3 hours of continuous light after dark.
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King Ornan Emergency Light Exit Sign with flashing light is perfect for commercial buildings, schools, and other places where safety is a concern. King Ornan's innovative design allows you to mount this powerful sign anywhere—on the wall, ceiling, or any other flat surface.
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The King Ornan Ceiling Emergency Light is a high-quality LED security light designed for use in your home or office when the power goes out. It provides instant light, so it's perfect for these kinds of situations!
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The king Ornan's maintain emergency light is evident for its versatility and durability. It is manufactured to perform with high quality materials and is built to last. You can rely on this light to perform during an emergency at any time of day, no matter where you are.
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King Ornan is not an only expert in commercial lighting services, our team also specialized in outdoor lighting, Led light accessories, Smart lights, Led grow light, etc. What lighting you are looking for, our engineer is ready for research and development.

Our Exhibition

King Ornan always insist on innovation and new product development. King Ornan brings lots of surprises to our customers at every exhibition. Join the King Ornan team and start our win-win journey.

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We are young to make everything possible.

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What you need will be what we offer.

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Innovation make us growth,increase and success.

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Solutions of Led Light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years experience in lighting field. We have more than 10 years experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan is found. In 2012, we began to focus on LED lighting products. Besides conventional lighting, KingOrnan has also invested much in LED grow light series and smart light series.

KingOrnan guarantees product quality for each partner. We offer certification support to meet different requirements, such as New Erp, CE, Rohs, CB, SASO, etc, which can help clients to make customs clearances and selling easily. We will try to supply any certifications you need.

KingOrnan will be your best light partner in China.

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Emergency Light Production Process

Though they are still dominated by traditional light bulbs, the market trend is constantly improving, and they are constantly developing in the direction of smart homes.


We are a full service, high quality design and manufacturing company, with years of experience in designing and making products. Our engineers work closely with customers, to design an emergency light that is both effective and efficient. We are committed to designing a light that is easy to install, as well as being an ideal solution for your location. With a team of experts dedicated to R&D, our products have the latest technology so you can kick back, relax and enjoy all your lights.


King Ornan is the leader of emergency light manufacturers. We have professional team, well-trained and experienced workers to do that job. King Ornan committed to providing customers with outstanding service. We carry out standardized operations in each process to ensure that the customer complaint rate of each product is lower than the international standard.

Quality Control

We make sure to deliver the world’s leading products at any time of your needs. We have a team of experts that combine sophisticated technology with innovative thinking, design and engineering concepts, delivering ground-breaking solutions for our customers. Our Emergency Lights are built to last, using only the highest quality materials.

Advantages Of Emergency Light

  • The first and foremost advantage is that they are portable, reliable and durable.
  • Emergency lights take up minimum space.
  • Emergency lights are easy to install and have great slimline designs
  • Emergency Lights are the perfect solution for your building when the power is out, they provide reliable and bright light, even during the worst weather.
  • Emergency lights are the perfect way to warn others in case of a power failure.
  • They come in all different shapes and sizes, so there’s always one that matches your needs.
  • Emergency Lights are bright and easy to use, with a simple push-button control. No wiring or power required – simply stick them to any wall, ceiling or table. You’ll have light at the ready when you need it most, from the comfort of your own home.

Advantages Of King Ornan


King Ornan is a company that produces high quality emergency lights, which are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We work hard to create the best emergency lights for you. Our emergency lights are made with premium materials and keep you safe when you need to evacuate. They are made with materials that are impact resistant, waterproof and shockproof.

Custom Manufacturing

King Ornan company produce emergency lights with high quality materials and focus on customer’s satisfaction. We can provide custom designs according to customers needs. We can customize our lights to fit your needs.

Customer Evaluation

kingornan pays attention to every customer’s feedback and is dedicated to solving any problems that arise. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our product or service.

Emergency Light Catalog

Subscribe to our updated emergency light Catalog.

Payment of our company will be T/T, L/C, etc.

Normally within 30 days after confirm packing. Special order will do special support.

According to different product series, there are different MOQs, generally a single MOQ is 500PCS.

We offer wooden box packaging and premium shipping to ascertain that emergency lights are delivered in the best possible shape. We also provide Product Liability insurance to reduce risks for our clients.

Yes, King Ornan emergency lights come with a one-year warranty.

No, Our king ornan emergency lights are always cool to the touch.

Yes, Our king ornan emergency lights are affordable and will save you money.

Yes. If you install the emergency light fitting as a maintained emergency light fitting, it will function as a normal light fitting and switch to battery operation when mains power fails.

King Ornan Emergency Lights can be installed in almost all buildings used by the public or employees.

FAQS of Emergency Light

If you have any questions about emergency light, please contact us immediately.

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