How do you install a magnetic track light?

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Magnetic light is a full-scale luminaire; it can be hung anywhere. It is especially suitable for showing off its versatility when used in shopping malls, exhibitions, hotels, homes, etc. I believe that many of my friends will find this kind of lighting equally indispensable when visiting these places. The magnetic light has been a popular item in recent years and instantly became one of the top sellers because of its many advantages. The magnetic light has all of the advantages of track lights and adds convenience to your home.

Many families have a hard time installing magnetic lamps after purchasing them. Professional installers often make mistakes when installing tracks for magnetic lamps. How do you install the magnetic lamp? It’s very simple. First, you should install the track for the magnetic lamp. Next, I will introduce different tracks and installation methods.

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How do you install a magnetic track light?

Installation and application of different types of magnetic tracks

4 installation methods of magnetic track
  • The Embedded plaster-style magnetic track installation ceiling is slotted, put into the slot, and locked to the ceiling with M4 self-tapping screws, and then the track surface is plastered to cover the exposed edges of the two wings. (can be operated to modify the existing ceiling plasterboard)
  • Embedded plywood mounting magnetic track Slot the ceiling, put the track into the slot, and lock the track on the ceiling with M4 self-tapping screws, cover the plasterboard to the track, make the plasterboard block the wing of the track, and lock the screws to fix the plasterboard, and finally give the plasterboard surface plaster. (This track installation method is suitable for newly installed buildings)
  • Surface Mounted Magnetic Track – Simply screw the magnetic track to the ceiling. It can be installed without any slotting.
  • Hanging wire installation magnetic suction track – add wire hanging wire to the way, then fix the hanging wire to the ceiling can be. (Suitable for installation in restaurants, conference rooms, offices, etc.)

The track is divided into different types of installations depending on the structure of your house: pre-embedded embedded, surface-mounted ceiling, and surface-mounted hanging lines.

The last step is to install the magnetic light and driver to the magnetic track.

Choose one of the above ways to install the track; press the red safety buckle at both ends of the magnetic light will magnetic light into the slide, after installation along the slide, free movement to adjust to the right position, and the magnetic light drive installed to the track wired for power. Your magnetic light is installed and finished.

Simple magnetic track light installation you already know, if you need material detailed installation instructions please click the following button to download: magnetic track lighting installation guide PDF

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what is magnetic track light?

Do you know the Magnetic light that is very popular recently

A track light is a light that can be adjusted on a track. It usually acts as a spotlight in places where key lighting is necessary. A traditional track light consists of a power box, a track, and a light body. The power box and the track are slidably connected to adjust their positions. The light body and the power box are pivoted to realize the adjustment of lighting angles. People think that sliding connections between the power box and the track are too much; they are complicated, difficult to disassemble and maintain, and costly; therefore, they design a magnetic connection structure: installing magnets in the power box, installing an iron sheet on corresponding rails to attract them.

Providing space for creativity is what every aspiring store owner dreams of. Creativity is always found in the ordinary and subtle, not easy to find. Creativity lies not in the change of quantity but in the leap of quality. Compared with the previous light design, magnetic lights have brought this kind of leap in quality.

The principle of magnetic track light

This innovative pre-embedded lighting module allows you to skip the use of cumbersome tools in the later stage so that it is easy to install and adjust. It is also flexible and convenient for installation in your home.

In addition, the size of the magnetic attraction track is also different. There are some articles on the facade such as household and commercial use. Now many luxury stores use the facade magnetic light in the window to increase the clothes on the opposite side. The lighting needs of bags and other accessories can be met by these decorative lights.

The composition of magnetic light

LED Track Magnetic Light

The magnetic light can be dimmed to create a softer glow, and the light body is also adjustable. Magnetic lights are made up of three main parts: track, light body, and switching power supply. When you buy a magnetic light, remember to look for these accessories because they affect the quality of the lighting.

1. Lighting chips

The light chip is attached to the lamp by magnetic attraction, which makes installation quite simple. The other two accessories will take a bit more effort to install.

2. Track

Three types of magnetic track lighting are embedded track, surface-mounted track, and hanging wire.

The type you choose depends on personal preference and other factors. You also have to consider your ceiling; if you go with this kind of lighting, you’ll need to prepare before the ceiling is suspended because it requires grooves to be installed and sealing plates painted on it before being suspended. Like other pre-embedded tracks, this task can be somewhat time-consuming. Surface-mounted track systems can be installed without a suspended ceiling.

A suspended ceiling is a better option than a dropped ceiling in office spaces with higher ceilings, but a professional electrician must install it. Tracks are much less intrusive in open office spaces than in commercial ones. Natural objects like these tend to be thicker and are better suited for homes or offices with low ceilings.

Families with low floors should buy mini tracks; they look less oppressive and more beautiful than ordinary tracks.

3. Transformer

When you use a low-voltage track, you’ll need a transformer. Transformers are an essential component of many light fixtures—but many people tend to overlook this. The transformer must be installed before installing the light fixture, or it won’t work.

The transformer comes in two types: the traditional embedded transformer is relatively large (10cm×12cm or 10cm×20cm). Generally, it should be hidden in the ceiling or air conditioning maintenance port, curtain box, etcetera.

Before installing a magnetic light fixture, you must decide where to hide your transformer. Transformers for indoors are typically 40 cm wide and can only be used on thick tracks (25 mm) because the rails used indoors are thinner than those used outdoors. But you can also opt for one with fewer tracks if you already have a transformer that’s too large for your train layout.

Combined with intelligent control

Smart magnetic track lighting system Usage Scenarios

Smart lights, which are gaining popularity along with the growth of smart homes, are magnetic and can be controlled through a mobile phone. Smart magnetic lights require specialized dimming modules, power supplies, and intelligent dimming modules. For example, 2.4G dimming requires a remote control or dimming panel + 2.4G dimming power supply.

The intelligent control system and magnetic line lighting have been combined so that the entire system can be controlled at will on your mobile phone as long as the pairing is set on the phone APP. From adjusting the color and dimming of a single light to adjusting the color and dimming of a group of lights, this can be easily accomplished with one button, and suitable lighting at any time can be selected.

The basic characteristics of magnetic lights are: they can be used to meet different lighting needs and can be dimmed for single light dimming and group dimming. Magnetic lights can be said to be a product brought by high technology.

After reading this article, do you know how to install a magnetic track? If you are still hesitating to buy a magnetic light, kingornan will guide you to choose the right model. If you have any further questions, our experts are here to help. Contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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