How long does a magnet light last?

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As a lighting system that can be freely combined according to needs, its main components revolve around three accessories. : Lamps (including light sources), tracks, power boxes (transformers). Understanding the service life of magnetic lamps is mainly judged by lamps because lamps contain lamp beads and magnets, which often determine the quality of lamps and lanterns. Next, I will introduce the three major accessories of magnetic lamps and what exactly How long do magnetic lights last?

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How long does a magnet light last?

light part

magnetic linear flood lights

The first step is to choose lampshades. The most outstanding magnetic track lamps are those that can be freely matched. Therefore, the types of lamp shades need to be complete, which can meet various electricity needs and highlight the layering of the space. Floodlights, spotlights, grille lights, folding grille lights, and dining chandeliers are all available choices.

Buying LED strip lights may seem easy, but there are a few things to consider when choosing the right type of light for your needs. We can help you make an informed decision by sharing the tips we’ve learned throughout our research process.

How long do light and agents last?

led magnetic track light

The life of a light bulb is mainly determined by its bulb and magnet. Most well-known brands on the market such as OSRAM and PHILIP can reach 5 years of service life, while the average life of general bulbs is about 1-3 years. The magnets used in magnetic lamps are usually more expensive than ordinary magnets, and some suppliers may install 2 magnets in their magnetic lamps, which will increase the cost but also ensure the service life of the lamp, so the average life of magnetic lamps is about 1-7 years, but the service life of magnetic rails is long enough to use 10 years more.

The hard strip light is manufactured by the PCB hard board assembly circuit board. The advantages of this product are relatively easy to fix, and processing and installation are more convenient. The disadvantage is that it cannot be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places. So what is more popular in the current market is the flexible strip light.

Health - anti-glare, no stroboscopic, high apparent value

Magnetic lights for interior design

The most important thing for the home lighting is an anti-glare, soft light that radiates out, with no stroboscopic effects and a comfortable feeling at home. If you choose the spotlight directional light, then the angle of the spotlight needs to be specially calculated and adjusted; try to avoid direct eye contact, and control the dazzling light of reflection, which can highlight the atmosphere of the space and create a contrast between light and dark. A sense of contrast. Therefore, if a lighting fixture wants a bright light source and eye protection, it needs to choose a high colour rendering index. The colour rendering index is low, which means that it’s hard for people to distinguish colours clearly. Long-term exposure to such a light environment can easily lead to colour blindness. The high-definition index means that it has a strong colour reproduction ability. Under a good light source environment, it can better distinguish colours and the visual effect is clearer, which effectively protects eyesight health.

Comfort - color temperature, light design (different lamps are suitable for the scene)

Choosing a color temperature for your space can be tricky, so let’s look at two different options. If you like a warm atmosphere, you can choose 3000K, if you; like a brighter feeling, you can choose 4000K. However, you may want to consider a unified color temperature for the same space because it will help to maintain harmony and unity in your lighting scheme. Different lamps and lanterns need to be selected depending on the actual situation. For instance, if you want to highlight a wall’s three-dimensional effect of relief or its decorative effect like hanging pictures, spotlights with a beam angle of 36° and above can be used for projection. This highlights the beauty while protecting the front. If you want to Suppose highlight the light and shadow of ornaments or wall sculptures, it is reco. In that case, mended that you use spotlights with a beam angle of less than 24° effectively ensuring the three-dimensional effect of objects.

Affordable - high light efficiency, high performance, constant current

Luminous efficiency is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by a light source to the power consumed. Different light sources emit the same amount of luminous flux, but if one consumes less power, its luminous efficiency will be higher. The higher the luminous efficiency value, the stronger the ability of a light fixture to convert electrical energy into light energy. That is, it is more energy efficient under normal conditions; under the same power consumption, a lighting fixture with high luminous efficiency has better illumination properties than one with low luminous efficiency. Stronger means brighter, but remember not to be too bright because that would be dazzling; what we want is constant brightness throughout an area so that people can see well.

The constant current can provide a stable working environment for the lamp, ensure that the LED is in a good working state and power consumption, and the LED lamp emits stable light. This is because the voltage varies within a certain range with the load, but the output current remains unchanged. The most important thing is to help prolong the life of the lamp and make it safer.

Track section:

magnetic track

Types of tracks (different installation modes), versatility

There are four types of tracks: surface-mounted, hoisted, pre-embedded and grey. Each can be selected for different situations. If there is no ceiling, you can choose the surface-mounted or hoisted models. Conversely, you can choose pre-buried or ash batch. At the same time, it is best to choose a common size for the track, so that it can be freely matched with lamps of different brands in the later stage.

Thickness: anti-deformation

Choose 2mm thick aluminum for the magnetic track, which is durable and less prone to deformation during decoration. At the same time, you won’t have to worry too much about the deformation of the track during decoration, which will lead to poor contact when the lamps are connected.

Conductive strip: strong conductivity

Copper bars should be made of red copper rather than brass. Compared with brass, red copper is more stable in power supply, stronger in conductivity, and more power-saving. At the same time, it is more appropriate to choose 0.6mm flat copper and 2mm round, copper. The thicker the thickness of red copper, the stronger its conductivity.

Strong magnetic force

In response to your question about whether or not our magnetic track lights will fall off, we have a few tips that may be helpful. First of all, some people worry about if the magnetic track light will fall off and if is it safe. The installation method of the magnetic track light is to use the magnet on the magnetic track to attract the iron sheet on the magnetic track light. Under normal circumstances, it will not fall off due to the attractive force of the magnet. But over time, or under special circumstances, such as high temperature, vibration, electromagnetic induction, etc., the magnetic force of the magnet may diminish. In other words, magnets have the possibility of demagnetization. You can choose RuFeB magnets which are known for their extremely low magnetic loss rates. Experts in this type of magnets know that their life span is extremely long and they are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without losing their ability to attract metal objects.

Power section

magnetic track Driver

Safety-safety protection, continuous power supply, and low voltage can be touched.

Although the power supply cannot emit light, it is more important to provide a stable working environment for the lamps, thereby extending the service life of the lamps. Therefore, constant voltage plays a key role. The output voltage value is fixed and does not vary with external working conditions such as load and input voltage. While changing, lamps require a voltage-stabilized power supply. It is best to choose a 48v low-voltage design, which is more secure.

The color-changing strip lights are called RGB strip lights. These LED lights can display any color of red, green or blue. It uses led chips of multiple colors so that you can change colors according to your preferences. RGB strip lights are the most common type of color-changing LED lighting. These lights can display any combination of red, green, and blue colors.

Photochromicis how we distinguish the various white colors that LED chips can produce. Photochromic is how “warm” or “cool” light appears. It is measured in Kelvin, with higher temperatures representing cool colors (blue tones) and lower temperatures representing warm colors (yellow light ). Usually, the general space uses 3000K and 4000K color temperature strip light But for some spaces, low color temperature strip light is very necessary, such as high-end hotels and villa clubs.

Affordable - Pressure Drop

Voltage drop can be considered as a protector of electricity. When the current flows through the circuit, a certain voltage drop will be generated in each segment of the circuit. The voltage drop represents the magnitude of the electric energy released (or expressed as the circuit absorbed by the circuit) flowing through the segment, which can effectively control the overload. In this way, it protects both people and equipment from danger.


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