How To Choose A Spotlight? The Difference Between Reflector Vs Lens!

Reflector Vs Lens

Difference Between Reflector Vs Lens!
A reflector is a type of spotlight that uses a mirror to reflect and direct light. A lens is a type of spotlight that uses a lens to focus the light.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between reflectors and lens spotlights so that you can make the best decision for your needs!

How To Choose A Spotlight? The Difference Between Reflector Vs Lens!


What Is a Reflector?

Usually, the LED light source has a luminous angle of about 120°. Sometimes a reflector is used in lamps to control illumination distance, illumination area, and spot effect in order to achieve the desired optical effect. It is a pure reflection light control, but relatively speaking, the second spot is large, and most of the light is reflected through the cup surface, and the light type is determined by the cup surface

What is a Metal reflector?

The production process is to cut the aluminum plate into a standard size, spin forming, then stamping and polishing, and the surface electroplating process is completed. It has a deformation memory. The advantages are that the product is low in cost and temperature-resistant. It is often used in lamps with low-grade lighting requirements.

What is a Plastic Reflector?

One-time demoulding, high optical precision, no deformation memory, moderate cost, often used in lamps with medium and high-end lighting requirements where the temperature is not too high.

What Are The Features of Reflectors?

The optical principle is mainly based on reflection. The light spots on small hills are clear and tough, the edge of the dividing line is obvious, and the brightness is also more obvious. The center of the wall surface can be spread evenly like a waterfall on both sides.

Relatively speaking, the secondary light spots are more difficult to control. The reflector emits hard light, and the light-emitting surface is larger and brighter.


Lens: What Is It?

Reflection technology + the interaction between media, which has both physical and chemical reactions. The effect of the lens generally has no side spots, and the light shape is more beautiful, because the TIR design is adopted, and the light output efficiency is relatively high.

The key material is PMMA, which is highly plastic and offers good light transmission (93%). The disadvantage is that the temperature resistance is relatively low, only about 90 degrees. The secondary lens is generally designed with total internal reflection (TIR for short).

What Is The Design Of Lens?

The design of the lens uses a penetrating concentrating light in the front, and the tapered surface can collect and reflect all the side light, and overlapping these two kinds of light, you can get perfect use of light and beautiful spot effects. The efficiency of the TIR lens can reach more than 90%, and it is mainly used in small-angle lamps (beam angle<60°).

What Are The Features of Lens?

The optical principle is mainly based on refraction. The center of the small hill is strong, and the sides are weak. There will be no hard dividing line. It is uniform and natural, and softer. Compared with the reflector, the edge of the hill is more blurred.

What Are Spotlights Lens?

Lens type The sub-spots of small hills are also easier to control. The lens-type spotlights are relatively better in anti-glare and more precise in light control. The black cup can truly see the light without seeing the light. For people’s lighting experience, it is a more comfortable and layered light.

Some high-end spotlights are lens optics, which are favored by designers. For smooth walls or reflective background walls, it is more appropriate to use soft lens spotlights to avoid glare.

Lens models spotlights installed effect

Small hills with obvious light spots, even and excessive division lines, and soft edge transition

Lens models spotlights installed effect

Reflective models spotlights installed effect

Small hills with clear light spots and distinct split line edges

Reflector models spotlights installed effect

Final Words

To conclude, when choosing a spotlight you should consider whether you want a reflector or a lens. Reflector spotlights are best for general-purpose lighting, while lens spotlights are better for task lighting. Consider the area you want to light and the purpose of the light before making your decision.

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