How to Choose Downlight?

 Downlights are beautiful in appearance and easy to install, which can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, create a warm and romantic feeling, and maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration. They are very popular in both home decoration and commercial lighting. With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology, there are different shapes of LED downlights on the market. In the face of so many kinds of downlights, how to choose?

How to Choose Downlight?

Classification of LED downlights

1. From the point of view of the installation, downlights can be divided into fixed installation or embedded installation.

  • The fixed installation refers to the downlight being fixed on the ceiling and another material surface, the so-called open-mounted downlight, as shown in Figure 1.
  • The recessed installation refers to how downlights are recessed into the ceiling, as shown in Figure 2.

Due to the limitation of the height of the interior space, most downlights adopt recessed installation. The safety standard for fixed downlights is GB7000.201-2008, and the safety standard for embedded downlights is GB7000.202-2008.

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2. Downlights can be divided into 2 “, 2.5 “, 3 “, 3.5 “, 4 “, 5 “, 6 “, 7 “, 8 “, and so on. Household is usually 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch mainly, office, shopping malls, and other general use 4 inches -8 inch downlights.

Figure 1 open-mounted downlight

Figure 2 recessed downlight

The key indicators to choose LED downlights

  1. Light effects: The lamp performance shows the energy-saving characteristics of the down lamp. The unit is lm/W, and the higher the value, the better the effect of the light will be. GB/T29294 requires at least 35lm/W above. Many can do 70lm/W, and good products can do 90lm/W above. And, as technology continues to evolve, its value will increase.
  2. Color rendering index: The color rendering index evaluates the color rendering ability of the downlight to the object, with a value between 0 and 100. The larger the value, the closer the reaction of the downlight to the object color is to the real color. The general requirement is above 80, and above 90 indicates that the color rendering of the lamp is very good.
  3. Lifespan: Longer life of the downlight can save a lot of replacement costs; for example, kingOrnan through the energy-saving certification of the product, requires 30,000 hours of life; that is, if the downlight works 8 hours a day, it can work nearly 10 years.

 Factors to consider when purchasing products

1. Certification:

Products must have compulsory certification requirements in line with your country. The product packaging needs to have a certification mark. For example, in China, it is necessary to pass 3C certification and affix the 3C logo to factory sales; only the product with the 3C logo shows that the product meets the requirements of mechanical and electrical and other safety requirements, that is, in line with the requirements of national standards GB7000.201 or GB7000.202, safe to use.

2.Nameplate marking and appearance packaging:

Each country has different requirements standards, but generally, the LED downlight should be marked with the following:

  • Rated power
  • Applicable ambient temperature
  • Mounting surface materials
  • Source labeling

Usually, the trademark printing quality of quality products is good, the logo is clear and recognizable, and there is the manufacturer’s address, contact information, after-sales information, and relevant certification mark.

3. Depending on the applicable environmental conditions

Look at the applicable environmental conditions

According to the information given by the logo of the LED downlight, the environmental conditions applicable to the lamp can be distinguished.

1) Mounting surface material applicable to downlights 

Suppose there is a symbol, as shown in Figure 5, on open-mounted downlights or a symbol on recessed downlights, as shown in Figure 6. In that case, it indicates that the lamp is only suitable for mounting on non-combustible materials, that is, the lamp is only suitable for mounting on surfaces made of metal, mortar, or concrete, not wood, that is to say, if it is the roof of a wooden house, This downlight is not suitable. If the following two symbols are unavailable, it applies to the wooden roof. 

For downlights to be built into the ceiling, look for the symbol shown in Figure 7, along with a warning like “Under no circumstances shall the lamp be covered by thermal padding or similar material.” Special attention should be paid to the insulation layer on the ceiling. For example, some wooden houses that keep warm will use an insulation layer between the wooden boards. Some shopping malls and supermarkets will also use insulation materials to silence the sound. If you install downlights in these places, you can not pick up the symbols shown in Figure 

2)Applicable environmental temperature products certified by CCC will be given the applicable environmental temperature on the label, generally expressed by ta, which is suitable for 40℃ ambient temperature. If the label does not contain this label, the ambient temperature is 25 ° C by default.

Installation on non-combustible materials

Installation on non-combustible materials

Downlight Not suitable to be covered by insulation material symbol

Downlight Not suitable to be covered by insulation material symbol

4. Color temperature

Currently, the product mainly has three color temperatures, a warm color, that is, yellow light; a cool color, that is, white light; a neutral light, that is, natural light. Usually, warm light gives a warm feeling, suitable for warm environments in hotels, restaurants, and bedrooms; cool color gives a cool feeling, mostly used in offices and living room lighting to maintain work efficiency; neutral light gives a natural feeling, mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other functional areas.

led down light supplier 1

5. See if the light is uniform and soft

LED downlight with clear glass cover or without diffusion cover, light directly out, look up will be very harsh. And using a frosted material diffuser, the light will be more uniform and soft, more comfortable, but will reduce the light effect of the whole lamp. Need to choose the right one according to your application scenario.

Downlight Cover

6.Look at performance indicators

Mainly look at light efficiency, color index, and life three indicators. Usually, enterprises will give the above parameter values on the product or the manual. At present, the luminous efficiency level of the lamp is 70lm/W, some enterprises do not directly mark the value, but mark the power and luminous flux. The value obtained by using luminous flux/power is roughly the luminous efficiency level of the product. The color rendering index should be above 80; The life span should be more than 30,000 hours. 

6.Housing material

The material downlight generally has the following materials: iron sheet, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, and stainless steel. The iron sheet is cheap, but not long; Die-cast aluminum, aluminum, or stainless steel is recommended, and the price is relatively high.


In general, we can judge the advantages and disadvantages of a household LED downlight according to the above aspects. Keep these points in mind and judge the quality of LED downlights rationally. May you all choose the right light fixture.

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