How to choose the right magnetic track light for your needs?

magnetic track lighting system Usage Scenarios

An excellent magnetic track lighting system on the market should be easy to install and compatible with most luminaires so that it becomes easier and faster to replace luminaires later or to add them. And it should use the same accessories as a standardized track lighting system. Our Kingornan does just that, standardizing everything.

The entire magnetic track lighting system contains many different components, so are you worried about not knowing how to choose these accessories? Now share how to choose the right magnetic lights and accessories.

Becky wrote this blog to provide guidance and help in choosing the right size LED magnetic lights for indoor applications.

How to choose the right magnetic track light for your needs?

What are the components of LED magnetic track lighting?

What are the components of LED magnetic track lighting

Magnetic lighting, like traditional track lighting, consists of 3 parts – magnetic track, magnetic luminaire and accessories.

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Assessing Indoor Lighting Requirements

Assessing Indoor Lighting Requirements

Identify the specific indoor application (e.g., kitchen, study, garage)

When choosing the right LED magnetic light for indoor use, evaluating your specific lighting requirements is critical. You need to take into account the needs of your room. For example, a kitchen may need bright, focused lighting to prepare food, while a study needs to be well-lit with light in every corner. Only by knowing the purpose of the lighting can we better determine the proper brightness and coverage area required.

Consider the Room Size and Layout

The size of the room plays an important role in choosing the right size of LED magnetic light. Therefore, it is essential first to measure the room’s dimensions, including the floor height, as this will affect the distribution and diffusion of light. Consider the items in the room or the specific areas that need accent lightings, such as workstations or countertops. Knowing the size and layout of the room will help you determine the best size and location for your LED magnet lights.

lumens and brightness

Lumens refer to the measure of the brightness of a light source. When selecting LED magnetic lighting, consider the level of intelligence required for the room. Higher luminance levels may be needed for base lighting to provide adequate illumination. For ambient lighting, only a softer, more diffuse light is required. Consider using the room and your personal preferences to determine the appropriate brightness level, and measure your brightness requirements in lumens, not wattage.

Coverage Area

Consider the size of the room and the required coverage area.

The area to be covered by the LED magnetic light is an essential factor to consider. A smaller light may be suitable for focused lighting in a specific area, such as a reading corner or work area. In contrast, a more significant size of light may be required in a larger room for broader coverage. Evaluate the beam angle and spread of the morning to ensure that it adequately covers the desired area and provides uniform illumination.

Mounting Options and Placement

Evaluate available mounting surfaces in the room (e.g., metal cabinets, magnetic panels)

LED magnetic lights offer the advantage of easy installation and convenience. But it can only be installed in some places. We need to evaluate surfaces in the room that can be used for mounting magnetic rails, such as ceilings, metal cabinets, magnetic panels, or other areas conducive to magnetization.

How to choose the right track for magnetic light?

Step 1: Confirm your preferred scheme.

There are about 4 design shapes for the whole lighting system – L-shape, I-shape, parallel line shape and square.

Square shape. It is suitable for the living room and office.

U-shape: It is mainly used for living rooms.

L-shape: It is suitable for use in corridors, living rooms, and checkrooms.

I shape Suitable for use in the living room, dining room, kitchen: For use in the living room, dining room and kitchen room.

Step 2. Select a suitable magnetic rail track.

We kingornan mainly have four different types of magnetic track.

  1. Recessed magnetic track: for new rooms that do not yet have a suspended ceiling. It would help to open the recessed groove and pre-buried way and then press it with the top. It is the most commonly used installation method for new construction.
  2. plastered magnetic track: for rooms made with suspended ceilings, directly fixed by opening holes in the ceiling plasterboard.
  3. The surface magnetic track is mainly used where plasterboard is unsuitable, such as in supermarkets, offices, etc.
  4. Hanging installation is suitable for restaurants, conference offices, other fields, and later installation places.

Note: If you use recessed magnetic rails, you must allow 5-7 cm of space when hanging the ceiling.

Selecting the Right Size LED Magnetic Light

Magnetic Led Track light luminaires

Magnetic Led Track light luminaires

The central magnetic luminaires on the market include grille spotlights, linear floodlights, adjustable folding spotlights, track spotlights and pendants. Each of these luminaires is modular in design and can be added, removed and moved around on the track at will. Please refer to the table for critical features 👇

NameDimensionWattagesBeam AngleApplication
Magnetic grille lights110mm, 220mm, 330mm6W, 12W, 18W24°Accent lighting
Magnetic fold grille lights130mm, 235mm, 335mm6W, 12W, 18W24°Accent lighting
Magnetic floodlights300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm15W, 25W, 40W, 50W120°General lighting
Magnetic Track spotlightD50mm, D60mm10W, 15W, 20W24°Accent lighting
Magnetic pendant lightsD40mm*H300mm12W24°Accent lighting

If you need other lamps, such as magnetic balls and cylinder lights, you can contact Becky (WhatsApp: 008615314732040) for customization.

  1. Small-size LED magnetic light
  2. Suitable for centralized lighting of small areas or as the main lighting
  3. Ideal for illuminating specific workstations or countertops

Small-size LED magnetic lights would be appropriate if you need to provide lighting for small or accent areas (e.g. downlight, dining pendant). The light from these lights is compact and provides targeted illumination. Ideal for illuminating specific work areas, countertops or reading areas. Magnetic lights are still portable and can be changed on the track.

  1. Medium-size LED magnetic light
  2. Versatile option for medium-sized rooms or areas
  3. Balanced lighting for general illumination or specific tasks

Medium-duty LED magnet lamps provide a balance between coverage and portability. They are suitable for medium-sized rooms or areas that require general lighting. These lights offer ample brightness for everyday activities and tasks. They are versatile and can be used for general lighting and specific requirements.

  1. Large-size LED magnetic light
  2. Suitable for large rooms or spaces with high ceilings
  3. Provide broader coverage and brighter overall ambient lighting

Large-size LED magnetic lights are designed to illuminate large rooms or spaces with high ceilings. They provide more comprehensive coverage and brighter illumination, making them suitable for ambient lighting. These lights are ideal for areas requiring a lot of lighting, such as living rooms or commercial spaces.

Note: Linear lights have a beam angle of 120° for general lighting, and the others are about 24°/30° for accent lighting.

Selecting the right accessories

Once you have confirmed the design shape of the entire magnetic rail system, you can select the appropriate accessories.

Ultra Thin Magnetic Track Connector

Choosing magnetic driver

Regarding the driver selection, there are two solutions for the whole system.

  1. 48V built-in driver. It fits all magnet tracks, especially suspended or surface-mounted channels. We kingornan can provide 100W 200W power.
  2. External driver. It is mainly suitable for embedded installation. The external driver is much better than an internal driver in terms of quality. Meanwell power supplies 100W, 200W, and 350W are available. The external power supply is suitable for placing in the air outlet of an air conditioner or special maintenance port, which is convenient for future maintenance, repair or replacement.

The external driver must work with the input adapter. However, you do not need to purchase an input adapter for integrated drives.

Other factors to consider

Style and Aesthetics

In addition to function, consider the style and aesthetics of LED magnetic lights. Choose a light that matches the décor and style of the room. LED magnetic lights come in various designs, finishes and colours; choose one that shares the same style and has an aesthetic appeal. Some lights even offer customizable features such as colour temperature or adjustable brightness levels, giving you more control over the lighting ambience—for example, Tuya, google home and other smart controls.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when selecting an LED magnetic light. Look for lamps with high energy efficiency ratings, indicating they consume less energy while providing sufficient brightness. Lights with adjustable brightness settings or dimming functions allow you to adjust the light output according to the specific lighting needs of the room, thus helping you save energy.

Durability and Quality

LED running strip light and RGB full-color strip light can change their colors using the controller, and the control distance of each controller is not the same. In general, simple controllers can control lights up to 15 meters away, while remote controllers can be controlled up to 20 meters away; the longest ones can be controlled up to 30 meters away. If the LED strip is connected over a long distance and the controller cannot control the length of the strip, then a power amplifier will be used for splintering.


This article focuses on the following points:

  • The importance of choosing the right size of LED magnetic light for indoor use
  • Emphasizes the importance of evaluating lighting requirements and room characteristics
  • Encourages consideration of factors such as brightness, coverage area and installation method
  • Enhance the indoor lighting experience by selecting the right LED magnet lamp for specific needs. By carefully considering factors such as usage, room size, brightness, coverage area, and additional features, you can find the perfect LED magnet light to illuminate your interior space effectively.
  • How to choose the right track, shape
  • How to adjust the accessories

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