How to choose the right LED bulb? The wrong choice has such a big harm!


Lighting is a key step in home decoration. In the light market, the LED light is favored by most consumers because of its long service life, energy saving, beauty, and environmental protection. But what you may not know is that choosing the wrong LED light could affect your vision.

How to choose the right LED bulb? The wrong choice has such a big harm!

According to data, in recent years, the myopia rate of primary school students has reached 50%, the myopia rate of teenagers is as high as 70%, and the myopia rate of high school and college students has reached 90%. Many parents only know that often watching TV, and playing on mobile phones will affect vision, but they do not know that children’s daily use of LED lights may also cause vision damage. A poor choice of light bulb can damage your eyesight.

The LEDs currently on the market come in these two shades:
1, warm color light, soft light sense gives a comfortable, warm feeling. Generally used in family homes, dormitories, and hotels.
2, cold light, a light source closer to the sense of natural light, giving people a feeling of brightness, can make people focus. Common in some family bedrooms, as well as offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, and other places of study.

Why does cool light work in study spaces? It has to do with the color temperature of the light!!

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Color temperature index classification of LED lights.

From a professional point of view, the LED light color temperature is divided into four kinds: warm white (3000k-3500k), neutral white (4000k-5500k), cold white (5500k-7500k), and special color temperature (customized).

But in our daily life, the most commonly used are warm white light (that is, warm yellow light), neutral white, and cold white (white light) these three color temperature bulbs.

Many parents buy LED eye protection lights for their children’s bedrooms, always thinking that the brighter the better, the brighter represents the closer to the natural light during the day, and the children are not easy to myopia. Brother told you, to buy LED lights and choose bright, high-color temperatures, this idea is very dangerous.

For example, in a day, 10 noon to 2 p.m., a cloudless sky, in the absence of direct sunlight, the standard sunlight is about 5,000 to 5500K, but this time the light is the most toxic and harsh. If you read in this context, do your eyes sting and you can’t even keep them open? Young children’s retina itself is more fragile than adults, if a long time in this high color temperature light learning, the light will feel dry eyes, eyes astringent, eyes itching, and heavy myopia.

How to choose LED bulbs?

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Reading in a different light, the eyes are different. The higher the color temperature, the whiter and brighter the light, and the harsher the reflected light on the paper; Too low a color temperature can distract you from reading, just like when you’re reading at night, the darker the light, the more likely you are to fall asleep.

Currently, the energy-saving lights on the market generally adopt a color temperature of 4000k-6500k, which can adjust the three-color dimming. Generally, the product introduction on the e-commerce platform will also indicate the color temperature of the light. The eye protection light used for reading is generally 4500k-5500k (neutral light), consumers can choose on demand, but different manufacturers have slightly different definitions of color temperature, so consumers are advised to look at the best product profile, or consult customer service.

Will LED bulbs dim after long use?

Filament LED Bulbs

Some people will say that the LED bulb they bought will become dark after a long time, does it mean that the color temperature of the LED light will change because of the frequency of use?

Our usual mains is AC high voltage (220v), and an LED light bead is required to work in DC low voltage (20v below), to turn the mains into an LED light bead that can use electricity, you need to configure a “LED constant current driving power supply”, as long as the parameters of the driver and light beadboard match, you can continue to power supply, normal use.

LED light bulbs will become dark after long use, because of problems caused by the internal parts of the driver. Buy a new driver, turn off the power before installation, replace the light cap, disassemble the connector to replace the old driver, and install the new driver.

In addition, wattage should be considered in order to reduce the impact of light bulbs on your vision. If it is to foil the atmosphere, one can choose low wattage light bulb, if there is lighting, reading needs to choose high wattage light bulb.

Why do LED bulbs with the same wattage have different brightness?

Color rendering index of LED bulb

The reasons for this phenomenon are generally as follows:

The efficiency of the light source is different

LED lights consume electricity and emit light. This comes to the question of conversion efficiency. The expression of the light efficiency index is lm/w. This is how many lumens of light flux per W of electrical power can be converted. Leds were born with a light efficiency of a few tenths of a lumen per watt. Now good quality LED light beads can reach 180lm/w, the difference is several thousand times. Until now, the light effect of LED is constantly refreshed every year. So with different periods or different manufacturers of light bead assembly of the same specification of light bulbs, there is not the same situation is not surprising.

The power efficiency is not the same

LED beads are nonlinear components of negative temperature, sensitive to temperature and voltage changes. Therefore, neither AC nor DC power supply can directly power LED, but use the constant current drive to work. The efficiency of constant current drive varies greatly with different masses, ranging from 50% to 90%. So even if the selection of high light efficiency light source, such as the low efficiency of constant current drive, will also lead to insufficient brightness.

The power labeling basis is different

At present, the power labeling of the LED light market is relatively chaotic. Some to the actual power consumption of the whole light prevail, and some to the power of the light bead as the basis. Because the efficiency of the power supply can not be 100%, so originally the same power of LED bulbs, it is possible to be marked by different manufacturers with different power.

Different areas of luminous parts

Two different shapes of light bulbs with the same wattage can sometimes appear to have very different brightness. For example, a small light bulb will look brighter than a large one. The bulb looks brighter than the tube, etc.

This is because the area of the luminous part is different. When the same light energy is distributed in different areas, the luminous intensity per unit area is inversely proportional to the area. So although the brightness of the light source is different due to the different luminous areas, the lighting effect is still very close.

In general, whether it is color temperature, LED constant current drive power, or wattage, the choice must adhere to a principle, that is, the product quality must be qualified.

Therefore, to protect people’s visual health and the use of lights and lanterns safely, consumers should polish their eyes to choose the right LED lights, and businesses should actively improve the quality of products, and product inspection, to maintain the consumer confidence of users.


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