How To Find The Best LED Aluminum Channel For Strip Light?

LED AL profile furnish

How To Find The Best LED Aluminum Channel For Strip Light?

How to find a reliable aluminium supplier in China

How to find

Many dealers and customers will consider importing led aluminium profiles from China when purchasing aluminium profiles.

So many people choose to import led aluminium profiles from China because they offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. Because China has many factories, you can find cheap products of varying quality, from high quality to low to mid-range. However, you may need to dig deeper to choose the quality and best price you need because the quality of these factories is not the same.

So how do you find products that match your positioning at the best price and the fastest speed?

You can search online, Google search, Alibaba search, B2B platforms, and exhibitions. And our kingornan.

  1. First, you can check the official website of this company, whether the website is professional and whether the product is professional.
  2. Secondly, whether the products are diversified, whether they are regularly updated, or whether there are only a few products for a long time.
  3. Are there any success stories on the website? Pictures, videos, etc., from success stories and some professional knowledge.
  4. Whether the price is reasonable, you can exclude them if it is too low or too high unless you know the Chinese aluminium profile market very well.
  5. Can they answer your questions professionally?
  6. Finally, you can choose a few samples for comparison after comparison to place an order and start your business. If you have any questions, you can also consult me; I am Becky, a professional salesperson from Kingornan (my email, telephone)

What is the LED Aluminum Channel?

What is the LED Aluminum Channel?

**LED aluminium profile is a channel made of aluminium. They have many different shapes, sizes and depths and can be installed in various ways to accommodate LED light strips indoors, in living rooms, kitchens, cabinets, ground and outdoors.**

Aluminium profiles are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your home. King Ornan has a wide range of aluminium profiles, including LED strip lights and other accessories.

Aluminium profiles are extruded into an aluminium housing designed for LED strips and other accessories. Our aluminium profiles are made from high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime.

King Ornan offers more than 300 kinds of led aluminium profiles for you to choose. We can help you find what you’re looking for!

What is the LED strips light?

what is strip light

LED strips are small linear lights in reels that you may have seen in many places but may not have noticed before.

  • Each light strip consists of a series of LED chips of different sizes soldered on a flexible printed circuit board. The back of the PC board is coated with double-sided tape (we Kingornan, usually use 3M, which is better quality) for mounting to the object’s surface. These LED strips can be used in countless places, have a small footprint, are well hidden, and are very aesthetically friendly to the overall design, especially in tight places.
  • LED strips can illuminate various objects and create unique lighting effects. It’s easy to use and install. Each LED strip can be cut and reconnected. Our Kingornan light bars are available in various brightness, colour and colour-changing options. You can also contact us if you have a custom design.

Types of LED strips light-low voltage

ypes of LED strips light-low voltage
  1. From the voltage, it can be divided into 12V/24V.
  2. From the usage scene, there are glue (usually 3M) and bare board.
  3. In terms of flexibility, there are hard and soft light strips.
  4. According to the light source model, there are mainly 2835, 3030.
  5. From the colour temperature, there are cool white, warm white, RGB colour, etc.

Why Use LED Aluminum Housings?

Why Use LED Aluminum Housings

Aluminium profiles are the most important part of the light strip and are always used simultaneously. Aluminium grooves have many shapes, such as U-shaped, V-shaped and L-shaped, and irregular shapes. It is also easy to install led strips. So why do you still need to use LED aluminium profiles with LED strips?

  1. It can protect the LED so that the LED is not easy to be hit, crushed, or damaged by heavy objects.
  2. The heat dissipation of high-quality aluminium is very good, which can prolong the service life of the LED light strip and ensure quality.
  3. The LED aluminium profile can be waterproof. Although it is not 100% waterproof, it can prevent most of the water vapour from entering and can also prevent corrosion and prolong the service life of the lamp.
  4. The design of the LED aluminium channel is very beautiful and fashionable and can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, exhibition halls, theatres, bars, hotels and so on. With the LED aluminium profile, the LED strips light can be used in many places.
  5. Some shapes can also enhance the lighting effect, enhance the light, or reduce the light according to the design requirements.

What types of led aluminium profiles can we choose?

types of led aluminium profiles

It can be mainly divided into exposed led aluminium profiles, concealed (embedded) led aluminium profiles, pendant led profiles, angular led profiles, round led profiles, led profiles for stairs, and flexible led aluminium profiles. We use led strips of light, led aluminium profiles and drive controllers to achieve the overall effect.

The shapes and installation methods of LED aluminium channels are different. We at Kingornan have more than 200 different LED aluminium profiles, so how to choose LED aluminium profiles is very important for buyers and consumers. We mainly need to consider the following points:

Shape: rectangle, circle, angular. Be sure to note the maximum tape width for each channel to ensure it is compatible with the LED tape you will be using.

Depth: How deep do you need your channel to be? For installations where space is limited, thin wire profiles will be most suitable. A deeper channel may be required for those using thicker LED strips to accommodate the strip.

Installation: Do you want your LED lighting to be surface mounted, suspended or recessed (tile, plaster or floor)?

Surface-mounted led aluminium profile

Concealed (embedded) led aluminium profile

Suspended led profile

Angular-led profile

Round-led profile

LED profiles for stairs

Flexible led aluminium profile

We at Kingornan also classify LED aluminium profiles by usage scenarios

In Kingornan, to facilitate importers and buyers to choose LED aluminium profiles, we also classify these aluminium profiles according to the usage scenarios, which is convenient for purchase and sales after purchase by importers.

Linear light series

This is the best type for sale. If you place an order for the first time, we recommend you choose this series and use it in any scene you need.

Wardrobe light series

Our wardrobe light series is the aluminium profile used in our cabinets. When we need to find clothes, this light will light up and make life more convenient. It can be used in high-end cabinet lighting, display lighting and closets, shelves and many more. LED aluminium profiles are a great solution for low-cost DIY cabinet lighting fixtures. They are designed to be flush/surface mounted to match furniture, under cabinets etc. The LED profiles can also be activated to create decorative light strips on walls, ceilings, floors, lights, countertops, shelves, steps and niches. These LED profiles are available for surface, flush or corner mount of LED strips.

Ground step on light series

The Ground step light is used for LED light bar aluminium profile on the floor or aisle wall. You can use it to get up or stay late and not turn on the main light. The Lace light series is to upgrade the most popular style of leaner light series with lace style so that the led profile light ceiling design has more design space.

Special-shaped light series

Special-shaped lights are designed for use with led contour lights. If you have special requirements, please get in touch with us. We have professional designers and engineers who will help you realize your ideas.

Office light series

Office light series mainly uses aluminium profiles. The design of this series is simple and elegant, which is more suitable for use in office areas and commercial places.

Skirting line series

The light bar is specially designed to connect the wall and the floor. In addition to all the common uses of regular baseboards, a card slot for lights is also reserved so that the lights can be used for lighting at night without turning on the main light. And can create a unique fashion atmosphere for the walkway. The office light series is mainly aluminium profiles used in office areas. The three-sided light emitting profile is a special type of LED strip design. This design allows higher lumens and more uniform light output.

Magnetic track series

The magnetic track is a hugely popular item this year. LED strips and magnetic tracking lights were popular items at the Frankfurt exhibition, and if you want to take advantage of the market, buying these quick will be an effective way to do so.

What types of surfaces are available for LED aluminium profiles?

The LED strips light is a flexible strip of LEDs that can be applied to any surface for lighting purposes. The strips are typically available in three colours: silver, white and black.

What accessories are available for LED aluminium profiles?

What accessories are available for LED aluminium profiles_
  • The first is the LED PC Covers. These plastic covers diffuse the LEDs’ light, resulting in even light distribution. They are mostly white but have varying degrees of transparency.
  • The second is the LED profile plug. The plug (cap) is mainly used to seal the aluminium profile. A pair is a group, one group of plugs is generally blank, and the other is a hole, which is convenient for the entry of the wire, and also has a dustproof and waterproof function.
  • The third is snaps on the back. The snaps are mainly used to fix the aluminium profile to the surface. Screw the snap onto the surface and clip it into the profile.

What is the length of the LED aluminium profile?

What is the length of the LED aluminium profile_

We supply aluminium profiles in 1m/2m/3m lengths.

How to install an LED aluminium profile

How to install an LED aluminium profile? There are many different ways to install an LED aluminium profile. It depends on the goal you are trying to achieve and what kind of application you are trying to use it for.

The first thing is to know your goals for installing the LED aluminium profile. Are you trying to ensure that it is secure and sturdy, or do you want it mounted in a certain way? Different applications require different mounting methods, so make sure you know what kind of application you’re working with before thinking about how you want to mount your lights.

Once you know what type of mounting method will work best for your specific application, it’s time to measure where your lights should go exactly on the wall or ceiling. You will also want to make sure that they are spaced evenly apart from each other so that no weird shadowing or uneven lighting patterns is happening, which could be very distracting when viewing them up close like this might cause, for example, if there were any gaps between each light bulb socket or something like that which could happen if they weren’t lined up properly when installing them make sure.

In this video, we can learn how to install an led aluminium profile. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kingornan.


LED aluminium profile is a simple design which is becoming more and more popular with designers and users in the field of lighting design. The LED aluminium profile has good performance, such as high brightness, long life span, wide applicability, etc.

The LED aluminium profile is made of high-quality aluminium alloy with good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance performance. It can be used for outdoor lighting or indoor lighting.

If you want to run your business better, it is the right and long-term choice to start trying to import aluminium profiles from China.

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