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Kingornan is a professional supplier of high-quality led track magnetic lighting in the market.

We always offer competitive prices for our high-quality led track magnetic light with different models and styles.

A set is also wholesale price.

King Ornan Track Magnetic Lighting

Finding a Magnetic track lighting manufacturer, supplier, or factory is not an easy thing, but King Ornan here will make all these things easier. We are a manufacturer offering high-quality Magnetic lights, and we also offer the best service to you. If you’re looking for a Magnetic light supplier, please just feel free to contact us.

Of course, I also produce various styles of spotlights to complement the use.


The 20 series magnetic track lights are the most widely circulated models in the current market, with those produced by Kingornan being universally compatible with tracks from most other suppliers on the market.


As China’s leading manufacturer of magnetic track lighting with top-notch design capabilities, Kingornan offers hundreds of stylish magnetic track pendant lights, each available in multiple colors to meet your design needs. Our collection is continually updated with new designs every month. Additionally, we provide customization services for colors or molds according to your specific requirements.


The primary components of the magnetic track system consist of connectors (linking two tracks together), electrification parts (energizing two separated tracks), mounting hardware, and the power supply unit that energizes the entire track system.

The Magnetic Track Driver is a key part of your magnetic light system. It supplies the power supply for the system and allows you to adjust the position of your track lights at any time.
Technical Info
Accessory for electrically connecting two magnetic attraction tracks
Technical Info
King Ornan offers T & L&X Magnetic Track connectors so you can easily connect 2 tracks at multiple angles and easily use your design.
Technical Info
Hanging wire is a necessary accessory for installing magnetic lights; it allows your magnetic lights to hang from the ceiling.
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100+ Styles Of Magnetic Tracks

kingOrnan has hundreds of styles of magnetic track and has its own aluminum extrusion factory to bring you the best price/performance ratio in the market. Not only that, we also provide you with exclusive custom molding services


Ultra-thin magnetic track lighting signifies the newest trend in magnetic track lighting technology. Kingornan has dedicated substantial resources and time to develop various series of ultra-thin magnetic tracks. Both the conventional 20 series and the ultra-thin magnetic series are now equipped with smart systems, allowing for seamless integration of the lighting system into smart home setups.

This series introduces a groundbreaking concept of woven tracks, building upon the ultra-thin magnetic track lighting technology that is currently trending...
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KingOrnan's RY Series Slimline Magnetic Track Lighting System, a sleek and innovative addition for 2024, showcases an array of vibrant, color-coordinated tracks and fixtures, refreshed...
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KingOrnan's A Series Slimline Magnetic Track Lighting System is the most versatile and innovative line of fixtures in the Slimline Magnetic Series.
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The intelligent magnetic track system plays a crucial role in smart home setups, enabling remote control of lighting fixtures within your home from any location.
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International business experience
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Self-produced raw materials
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kingornan is the best Magnetic Track Lighting manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China; with years of experience in manufacturing commercial lighting products, we established a dedicated Magnetic Track Lighting production workshop in 2019 to supply Magnetic Track Lighting to 80+ customers.

Your Best Magnetic Suction Track Lighting Supplier In China

  • 10+ years of deep experience in commercial lighting and ISO9001:2015 system certification.
  • Professional magnetic track lighting system design and procurement guidance service to create reliable, excellent, and valuable magnetic track lighting solutions. The complete product line of magnetic track system to ensure your one-stop completion of procurement needs.
  • We choose Osram, Philips, CREE, and other big brand chips to protect the quality of magnetic lights and provide 2.4G TUYA WIFI, Bluetooth, ZIGBEE smart, and many other high-quality intelligent magnetic track lighting system solutions.
  • Our magnetic linear track light has passed CE, ERP, and other certifications. We can follow the corresponding certification according to your market needs, such as CSA, SASO, CB, etc.
Magnetic head production

Solutions of led light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We had more than 10 years of experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan was founded. In 2012, we began to focus on LED lighting products. Besides conventional lighting, KingOrnan has also invested much in the smart light series.

KingOrnan guarantees product quality for each partner. We offer certification support to meet different requirements, such as New Erp, CE, Rohs, CB, SASO, etc, which can help clients make customs clearances and sell easily. We will try to supply any certifications you need.

KingOrnan will be your best light partner in China.

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To judge the quality of magnetic lights, you must first know what components are made up of magnetic lights.
The main accessories of magnetic lights are as follows: magnetic suction head (magnetic suction piece on the magnetic suction head), driver, magnetic suction housing aluminum profile, light source plate, lamp beads, pc cover, and lens.

  1. kingornan magnetic light using a one-piece magnetic head is the product appearance more high-end
  2. Kingornan magnetic suction head uses a high-quality strong magnetic suction piece, and each magnetic suction head has two magnetic suction pieces.
  3.  kingornan magnetic suction heads are the built-in driver; in the track, power is 110V/220V input voltage into 48v; the built-in driver will then convert 48v to 36V to the light source, making the light more stable and longer life.
  4. kingornan magnetic suction light shell using high grammage aviation quality aluminum profiles, uniform thickness, perfect surface treatment. More high-end die-casting shell parts are available.
  5.  kingornan lamp beads selected from Osram, Philips, CREE, and other major brands of chip lamp beads
  6. kingornan use of pc cover all new material, eliminates the use of secondary recycled material.
  7. The use of high transmittance large lens to enhance the overall light effect
  8.  of the track internal selection of high-quality thick copper to ensure that the magnetic suction head and track contact are good.
  9. All magnetic suction lamp programs are first by the engineering department, proofing and 3 months of long-term aging, high and low-pressure impact, high-temperature oven, and other destructive experiments to confirm the stability of the drive program and light decay of the lamp beads.
  10. All order products need to go through 30 minutes of aging to ensure the quality and stability of the large goods.


Magnetic track lighting systems are a new type of lighting for modern spaces that can be designed in different vertical and horizontal styles on walls and ceilings. You can modify these systems to accommodate many creative DIY lighting ideas. As an experienced manufacturer of LED magnetic track luminaires, kingornan’s engineering staff has designed 3 types of track systems for you to choose from.

Smart switch magnetic track lighting system based on the addition and subtraction of cell phone app intelligent control, in any position in the room can be a key to control the whole house lighting effect.
More Choice

Smart magnetic track lighting system

After connecting to wifi, you can use the Tuya App to match the gateway through your phone, and through the gateway, you can add the magnetic rail light system using your phone. Once the matching is done, you can adjust the color temperature (3CCT) and brightness of the magnetic rail light using the Tuya App, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Smart magnetic track lighting system Usage Scenarios
The Conventional 48V magnetic track lighting system is based on the addition of a smart control panel or remote control that allows you to regulate the lighting atmosphere throughout your house better.
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Remote control, smart switch magnetic track lighting system

This magnetic track lighting system is compatible with 0-10V  Triac Dimming, as well as DALI dimming, allowing you to adjust the color temperature (3CCT) and brightness via a remote control or a smart wall switch, without the need for an additional Wi-Fi connection. This feature offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, enabling you to effortlessly tailor your lighting environment to suit various needs and settings.

The conventional 48V magnetic track lighting system comprises the magnetic track, magnetic led luminaires, and accessories. You can design your proprietary magnetic track lighting system according to the designer's design needs in a full range of DIY designs.
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Conventional 48V magnetic track lighting system

The conventional 24V/48V magnetic track lighting system includes two conventional colors of black/white housing, recessed/surface/suspension/quadruplex 4 styles of matching magnetic track. These include Fold Magnetic Grille Spotlights, Spotlight With Framing, Magnetic Grid Spotlights, Magnetic Linear Floodlights, Magnetic Track Spotlights, Magnetic pendant lights. Magnetic pendant lights and other series of lamps. 

Why kingornan is the best magnetic track light manufacturer in China?

Magnetic rail light adaptor production
  • kingornan is China’s best magnetic track light manufacturer, supplier, and factory. We offer all types of magnetic track lighting systems.

  • Our magnetic track is compatible with other magnetic track lights from different suppliers.

  • We provide OEM/ ODM/ SKD etc. We can print logos for customers’ products for free and customize customers’ brand packaging (color box, outer box) according to customers’ needs.

  • We provide 2/3/5 years warranty program for magnetic rail lights and have exported our products to Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

  • kingornan has long-term cooperation with TOP-level importers in many countries to provide them with high-quality and cost-effective magnetic track lights that meet their market demand. You don’t need to worry about the selection of lighting solutions; you only need to provide the market you need to sell; our professional team will provide customized product solutions for your target market so that you can get professional one-stop guidance from product solutions to import sales.

LED Track Magnetic Light Advantages:

LED Track Magnetic Light
  • Installation is straightforward and modular components allow for any combination of adsorption.
  • It can be equipped with different kinds of light sources. The magnetic light uses a modular design, and many modules can be applied to the magnetic light, including downlights, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, pendant lights, etc.
  • The number of lights can be increased or decreased as needed. As you can install many lights on the track as you like.
  • The light source can be moved freely along the magnetic track and can be arranged to illuminate exactly where needed.
  • Disassembling and repairing are convenient. You only need to disconnect the power supply and remove the magnetic lights from the magnetic track. It’s also very easy to redesign and replace later.

Advantages of king ornan/ why choose king ornan?


King Ornan factory has been in business for 10 years. We manufacture our lights, raw materials, and products to ensure high-quality magnetic lights at a reasonable price. We’ve invested in raw materials and set up supporting factories. This allows us to provide high-quality products that are stable in quality and have excellent customer service.

Quality and Best Deals

As a professional magnetic light manufacturer in China, we have continuously provided customized service to customers worldwide by strengthening our customer service system. Our goal is to provide you with the best deal and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We take care of customers when they purchase an item from us and continue to use it. We are committed to responding to your needs as quickly as possible.

LED Track Magnetic Light-1


Magnetic track systems can be made in many fashions according to the requirements of the designer, but all designs are combined on a basic layout scheme; kingornan is here to introduce you to three basic magnetic track layout schemes for your understanding.

"Rectangular" magnetic track layout

Kingornan Rectangular_ magnetic track layout

The magnetic track is distributed in a circle around the ceiling in a “rectangular” shape.

"Linear parallel" type magnetic suction track layout

Kingornan Linear parallel_ type magnetic suction track layout

Laying 2-3 magnetic tracks in the middle of the ceiling is the simplest and most useful solution。

"DIY personality" type magnetic track layout

Kingornan DIY personality_ type magnetic track layout

Feel free to set the shape according to your needs. (PS: choose to extend to the wall is, remember to put the track cloth in the wrong place. Otherwise, it will be very harsh)

How do you connect a magnetic track?

Magnetic track lighting fixtures are a relatively new lighting product, and engineers and electricians may not have experience installing similar products. But the installation of a magnetic track lighting system is very simple. Mount the track to the ceiling, connect the appropriate power supply, align the magnetic track luminaires with your desired location, and insert them. The strong magnetic force generated by the luminaire and the track will firmly attach the luminaire to the track. No need for any additional fasteners to fix the lamps.

There are a total of four installation options for magnetic track lighting systems.

As an experienced manufacturer of LED magnetic track lighting, kingornan’s engineering staff has compiled details of the 4 types of tracks available on the installation market.

  • Embedded plaster-style magnetic track installation-The ceiling is slotted, the track is put into the slot and locked to the ceiling with M4 self-tapping screws, and then the track surface is plastered to cover the exposed edges of the two wings. (can be operated to modify the existing ceiling plasterboard)
  • Embedded plywood mounting magnetic track-Slot the ceiling, put the track into the slot and lock the track on the ceiling with M4 self-tapping screws, cover the plasterboard to the track, make the plasterboard block the wing of the track, and lock the screws to fix the plasterboard, and finally give the plasterboard surface plaster. (This track installation method is suitable for newly installed buildings)
  • Surface Mounted Magnetic Track – Simply screw the magnetic track to the ceiling. Can be installed without any slotting.
  • Hanging wire installation magnetic suction track – add wire hanging wire to the track, then fix the hanging wire to the ceiling can be. (Suitable for installation in restaurants, conference rooms, offices, etc.)

The above is a simple magnetic track installation instructions. If you need a comprehensive understanding of how to install magnetic track lights, please click to download the following magnetic track light installation PDF file.

4 installation methods of magnetic track


Kingornan, as a supplier of magnetic track systems, we summarize the following three scenarios of magnetic light combination options for your reference with years of experience.

All magnetic linear floodlights

All magnetic linear floodlights

The most suitable “Rectangular” magnetic track layout is installed around a circle of magnetic linear floodlight, wide and uniform, and soft light, so the room can almost not find dead corners.

Individually positioned magnetic track spotlights

Individually positioned magnetic track spotlights

Suitable for use above the dining table or decorative wall drawings and other places that need to focus on lighting, a good hand to set the mood.

Magnetic track floodlight + spotlight mix and match

Magnetic track floodlight + spotlight mix and match

Magnetic track floodlight + spotlight mix and match is now a common way of lighting the living room, not only to meet the basic lighting but also to take into account the key areas; after turning on the lights, the whole house is rich in layers of light.

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More Choice

King Ornan is not an only expert in commercial lighting services, our team also specialized in outdoor lighting, Led light accessories, Smart lights, Led grow light, etc. What lighting you are looking for, our engineer is ready for research and development.

Led Magnetic Track Light Catalog

Subscribe to our updated LED Magnetic Track Light Catalog.

Payment of our company will be T/T, L/C, etc.

Normally within 15 days after confirm packing. Special order will do special support.

According to different product series, there are different MOQs, generally a single MOQ is 50PCS.

  • Advantages of using magnetic lights include the fact that they never burn out, and you won’t have to change them for a long time.

One of the biggest benefits of magnetic track lighting is its safety. Since there’s no need for tools during installation, this type of lighting eliminates the risk of electrical fires and other hazards involved with hooking up track lights. Another benefit is that you can add many lamps to a magnetic track, as there are no predetermined number of socket positions.

We are the number one manufacturer of magnetic lights in China. We believe that the true luxury is not something that is purchased, but rather enjoyed with family and friends. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products that are simple to install, use and maintain.

Magnetic lighting is used in kitchens and bathrooms, but it can also be a great addition in bedrooms and living rooms.

Yes, The adjustable feature of this light makes it easy to customize the lighting in any room of your choice.

  • es, our LED magnetic lights are safe and will not damage your eyes. In fact, nowadays, it is really common to use LED lights for magnetic track lighting. They are built in a manner such that they do not radiate harmful rays towards your eyes.

  • It is recommended that about 40-60cm from the wall. Of course, for the specific installation WE, please adjust according to the actual situation of the room.

  • Magnetic track cutting does not affect the use, you can cut the size to meet the actual demand.

  • It would help if you kept the total power of the lamps on the track lower than the full power of the power supply; it is best to set aside a 10%-20% power margin to avoid overloading the circuit.


    A total of 4 magnetic lights installed on a track, one power 9w, total power: 4 * 9 = 36W

    Then the total drive power should be > 40w.

FAQS of Led Track Light

If you have any questions about led track light please contact us immediately.

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