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King Ornan is the best and largest LED track light manufacturer in China, offering you the latest design, hot selling, and high-quality LED track light at a cheap price!

King Ornan will be one of your best choices. King Ornan is a name that you can trust.

Our track lights are designed to a high standard and are of the highest quality.

We sell at affordable prices and can offer you the best deals on all pieces of our renowned lighting range.

King Ornan Track Lights

You’re going to love the King Ornan track lights. This unique design combines the classic form of the popular pendant light with modern technology and a modernized style to create an incredible fixture for any space.


Art galleries require bright, crisp illumination in order to showcase the artworks, which can be made visible with a low-glare light source that won’t interfere with the images or cause ambient shadows. If you want to make your art gallery more visually appealing and memorable for your visitors. Lighting for your art gallery is very important. ? King Ornan LED Track Lighting for Art Gallery is the best in quality & price.
Technical Info
Our High CRI track lights are meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled color accuracy and superior illumination. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 95, these lights ensure that colors are represented authentically, making them an ideal choice for settings where color precision is paramount.
Technical Info
KingOrnan's GU10 track light is made with the famous GU10 base, ensuring easy installation, long life and compatibility. Most of all it has an unbeatable price advantage.
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KingOrnan's LED Track Lighting, meticulously crafted for modern kitchen environments and primed for the discerning global distributor. This lighting solution offers an impeccable blend of aesthetic appeal, functional design, and longevity – key attributes that importers and wholesalers consistently demand.
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King Ornan Black Track Lighting makes it easy to bring elegance to any space. Black LED is a new concept in home lighting. It combines the high efficiency and durability of traditional LEDs with the flexibility of a track system that can be hidden or exposed to match or complement any decor. Its modern, elegant design will add flair to any room in your home. Its black colour absorbs light, so it's useful during night time and dawn raids.
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KingOrnan's LED Track Lighting Pendants, an epitome of elegance and functionality, impeccably designed for upscale dining environments. Crafted with precision, this luminary solution offers an unparalleled dining ambiance, precisely what international importers and wholesalers strive for in their portfolio.
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King Ornan's LED Magnetic Track Lights give a new life to your home or workspace. It provides you with discrete ambient lighting, which is perfect for areas where you need light but don't require focusing. If you're looking for a way to add some ambience and make your room stand out with a trendy, modern glow, this LED Magnetic Track Light is the perfect solution for you. We have the best, most advanced track lighting. Our light fixtures look great and last forever
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This King Ornan led track lighting for living room is a attractive and efficient way to bring additional light into any room. Perfect for increasing the brightness and enhancing the beauty of your interior designs, this stylish LED track light provides you with instant illumination when you need it. King Ornan living room track light is designed with elegance and exclusivity. Each part of this product is carefully designed to form a whole, perfectly matching modern lifestyle.
Technical Info
King Ornan's Spade LED Track Light, a paradigm of innovative design and luminance mastery, meticulously crafted for the international marketplace. This avant-garde lighting solution boasts a large emission surface coupled with an unprecedented 360-degree rotation capability, making it a coveted choice for discerning importers and wholesalers.
Technical Info
King Ornan's LED Floodlight Track Light, a luminance marvel meticulously designed for the global trade elite. A fusion of expansive coverage and adjustable precision, this lighting solution serves as the benchmark in advanced illumination, catering specifically to importers and wholesalers seeking distinction in their offerings.
Technical Info
The innovative grille design ensures focused illumination, minimizing glare and optimizing light distribution, ideal for highlighting specific areas or products.
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King Ornan's Track Light Convert Box(Ceiling Box Converter), a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly bridges 2-line and 3-line LED track light systems. Make track lights without tracks.
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International business experience
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Self-produced raw materials
Types of


kingornan is a professional China track light manufacturer, factory, and supplier; we have more than 10 years of production experience, a wide range of product styles, and a professional R&D team. We established a dedicated track light production workshop in 2016, providing various styles of track lights for more than 100 customers, including the most popular magnetic track lights in recent years.

Your Best LED Track Lighting Supplier In China

kingornan has over 10 years of manufacturing experience in the lighting industry, with a wide range of product styles and a professional R&D, quality control, and sales team. We have multiple certifications, including ISO9001, CE, CB, ERP, etc., which also prove the quality and safety of our products.

In addition, we have experience cooperating with TOP-level LED lighting importers from many countries to provide them with high-quality and cost-effective track lights that meet their market demands. We have an extremely strong strength and reputation in the commercial lighting industry.

kingornan also has advanced production equipment, a strict quality control system, perfect after-sales service, and reliable supply chain management. kingornan can provide you with high-quality products, professional track lighting design, and procurement guidance services, and can allow you to provide the market you need to sell to based on our many years of customer service experience; our professional team will be able to provide you with Target markets to provide customized product solutions so that you can get professional one-stop guidance from product solutions to import sales. Creating reliable, superior, and valuable track lighting solutions for you.

magnetic track lighting system

Solutions of led light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We had more than 10 years of experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan was founded. In 2012, we began to focus on LED lighting products. Besides conventional lighting, KingOrnan has also invested much in the smart light series.

KingOrnan guarantees product quality for each partner. We offer certification support to meet different requirements, such as New Erp, CE, Rohs, CB, SASO, etc, which can help clients make customs clearances and sell easily. We will try to supply any certifications you need.

KingOrnan will be your best light partner in China.

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LED track light mainly consists of a shell, COB light source, reflector, track box, driver, and other components, kingornan from the original material to control the quality of products, and all products from raw materials to finished products after layers of inspection. The following is how kingornan produces a qualified track of the entire process.

I. A LED track light shell profile

Shell material using 6063-type aluminum alloy rods after a specific heating and molding process to create an aluminum extrusion process. The aluminum bar is heated and formed into the required shape using a press, straightened and cut to size, and heat treated and naturally cooled to obtain the required housing profile for LED track lighting.

A LED track light shell profile

II. Profile cutting car aluminum processing

Profile cutting car aluminum processing

According to the type and specification of the material used for the product, the aluminum profile is cut and checked for the length, angle, surface and other aspects of the self-inspection material, and pay attention to the external surface without corrosion, oxidation, scratches and other defects; the product is transferred to the processing area with the product transfer car for CNC processing drilling and milling grooves, and the drilling and milling machine should be debugged according to the operating procedures of the sawing and milling machine before processing; before the drilling and milling groove processing, it should conform to the requirements of the mutual inspection protocol, and check the processing parts of the previous process to see if there are errors, prevent the occurrence of unqualified products, and prevent unqualified products from entering the next process; for the processed products, the product transfer vehicle will transfer the products to the product waiting area for product inspection. The quality inspector inspects the products according to the requirements of drawings and product inspection specifications to ensure the product qualification rate.

III. Plastic spraying

Using polymer polyamide powder, uniformly sprayed by a high-pressure electrostatic spray gun so that the powder particles are charged and thus combined with the covered items, with the help of automatic assembly line high-temperature oven 180 ℃ high-temperature baking, and then cooling. The surface of the plastic layer is smooth; the plastic layer is uniform; the adhesion is high; there will be no dewy bottom, blistering, flowing hanging, pinholes, and other phenomena, enhancing the anti-corrosion power, wear resistance, and adhesion. In equipped with oxidation drying, powder spraying, curing, and cooling device, fully automatic control of the quality of the assembly line completely with high-quality equipment to complete.

Plastic spraying

IV. Track box injection

Track light Driver box injection

selection of high-quality PC material (PC plastic has high mechanical strength, a wide range of temperatures, good electrical insulation properties, good dimensional stability, transparency, and other characteristics.) Through the process of mold closing-injection-pressure-holding-storage material-injection retreat-cooling-opening mold-ejection, etc. PC raw materials are injected into the tracking box.

V. Reflective cup

Reflective cup

The choice of reflective cup and lens, can be viewed (reflective cup VS lens difference!)

VI. Light source

Light source

Choose the best brand quality COB light source, such as OSRAM, CREE, LUMINUS, and LUMILEDS.

VII. Driver


based on brand, voltage, and functional requirements (such as 1. non-dimmable, 2. variable light tricolor, 3. dimming, 4, dimming color) to choose with the use of common brands PHILIPS, OSRAM, MEANWELL, EAGLE RISE, LIFUD.

VIII. Assembly and full inspection

Assembly and full inspection

The node module assembly method, the assembly of product components in the assembly line is completed, and by the voltage, insulation, test light test, no bright, no flicker, no spots, no luminous abnormalities, and other phenomena. Brightness and color uniformity is qualified. Otherwise, the LED lamp, power supply leads, and power supply should be checked and repaired. Check whether the whole lamp is fixed firmly, the appearance of any defects, and ensure that the finished surface is clean and free of foreign objects.

IX. Aging test

Aging test

Aging (168H) + switching: Ta = 40 ± 2 ℃, RH: 40-70%, ORT168H: 48H/220V → 48H/176V → 48H/264V → 24H/220V (switching 200 times a day / on 10S, off 5S).

X. Packaging


reasonable design of product packaging, strict implementation of a drop box, stacking, vibration test.

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Production Process

King Ornan is the best and largest LED track light manufacturer in China, offering you the latest design, hot selling, and high-quality LED track light at Competitive pricing! We are the leading company in the market for LED Track Lighting Systems. Our main objective is to provide you with a high-quality product at an affordable price. We assure you that our products are of the best quality and we will strive to meet your expectations.

The manufacture of LED lamps and lanterns typically involves multiple processes, especially the production of LED tracks and lights. There are die-casting / extrusion profiles/forging and other steps involved. This is because customers have different needs for their products, and King Ornan adapts to these requirements by producing a variety of products using different production processes. King Ornan designs and produces a large selection of LED Track lights to suit any lifestyle. we are always on the cutting edge of technology. King Ornan is proud to offer high-quality lights, and he has a large variety of LED Track Lights in different shapes and sizes. They can be customized for many applications.

Advantages Of Track Light

Energy Saving

Our track lights, which come in a range of colors and styles, can set the mood anywhere. The LED bulbs use less energy than traditional metal halide bulbs, so they’re a greener alternative.

Long lifetime

Our LED track lights last 30,000 hours, which is far longer than the 8,000-hour lifespan of ordinary metal halide track lights.

Green and pollution-free

King Ornan LED track light uses LED as a light source, which is a cold light source that emits no harmful radiation, has pure color and high luminous efficiency, low-frequency flicker and energy-saving. Ordinary metal halide track lights use metal halide lamps as light sources. The light-emitting principle of metal halide lamps is that the heavy metal element mercury reacts with the two electrodes after gasification to generate light, which has large heat and radiation and must be handled carefully after it is broken. Otherwise, it may pollute the environment (mercury is a heavy metal element and is harmful to human health).

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Advantages Of King Ornan


We set up King Ornan as a track light factory, and in the past 16 years, we have not only made products but also worked on raw materials, laying a solid foundation for the deep cultivation of raw materials. We pay great attention to the layout of raw materials, and also start a lot of supporting factories, so that customers’ products have high cost performance, stability of product quality and high service quality.

Quality and Best Deals

King Ornan Company provides the best deals in the track light market. Our company has been in this business for many years and has become one of the most reputable track light providers. We achieve this success because of our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality products.

Customer Evaluation

kingornan pays attention to every customer’s feedback and is dedicated to solving any problems that arise. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our product or service.

More Choice

King Ornan is not an only expert in commercial lighting services, our team also specialized in outdoor lighting, Led light accessories, Smart lights, Led grow light, etc. What lighting you are looking for, our engineer is ready for research and development.

Led Track Light Catalog

Subscribe to our updated LED Track Light Catalog.

Payment of our company will be T/T, L/C, etc.

Normally within 30 days after confirm packing. Special order will do special support.

According to different product series, there are different MOQs, generally a single MOQ is 500PCS.

  • Our track lighting is a great choice for adding brightness and style to your home.
  • These lights are perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and basically any place where you want a little bit more light.

We offer many types of modern track lighting for your next home improvement project. Our track lighting offers unique style and custom options to make your home come to life.

Track lighting is used in kitchens and bathrooms, but it can also be a great addition in bedrooms and living rooms.

Yes, The adjustable feature of this light makes it easy to customize the lighting in any room of your choice.

It’s easy. Remove the glass shade and use the two screws to remove the fixture. Take out your old bulb, grab a new one and screw it in, then put everything back together.

  • Step 1: Order the correct number of tracks
  • Step 2: Decide where to run track in your room.
  • Step 3: Decide how to mount the track on the ceiling
  • Step 4: Drill holes at the marked locations.
  • Step 5: Run electrical cable.
  • Step 6: Mount the track base, using toggle bolts.
  • Step 7: Connect the electrical cable and attach wires to the track.
  • Step 8: Assemble a track fixture and insert it into the track base.
  • Step 9. Turn on power and test system.

Integrated led track lighting is the best thing to have been invented so far. That’s because it’s the most effective way to illuminate large areas, with minimal installation time and clean lines.

Yes, our led track lights are safe and will not damage your eyes. In fact, nowadays, it is really common to use LED lights for track lighting. They are built in a manner such that they do not radiate harmful rays towards your eyes.

FAQS of Led Track Light

If you have any questions about led track light please contact us immediately.

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