LED Track lighting VS LED magnetic track lighting

Now people have higher requirements for lighting design. In addition, to meet the basic lighting, they also need to consider functional lighting, ambient lighting, intelligence, and other needs to create a more comfortable and stylish living and working environment. The LED magnetic track light is a new hot product that has stood out in recent years and has gradually become a popular trend in decorating the current no-main light. What is the difference between the enduring conventional LED track lights and the new market darling LED magnetic track lights?

In this article, Kingornan engineers will compare the advantages of the two products and applicable scenarios to provide references and advice when choosing.

LED Track lighting VS LED magnetic track lighting

What is track lighting?

LED track light Manufacturers

A track light is installed on top of the track; you can adjust the irradiation angle at will, and it is generally used as a spotlight in places that require accent lighting. The use of track lighting does not have a fixed space; whether it is commercial or home lighting, want to focus the lighting effect can be achieved with it. Current lighting design needs can be categorized into three main categories: basic, functional, and ambient lighting. Nowadays, people pursue healthy lighting, light to light the whole house. This kind of concentrated lighting harms the eyes, so using downlight to do scattered and track lighting is one of them.

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The advantages of track lighting

track light

Free to move the flexible lighting

It can move the position of the lamps and lanterns, flexible lighting, and adjust the density of light sources.

Flexible adjustments can hit the effect

It can change the direction of light irradiation to create a rich light source effect.

Different light types to do improvisation

Different track light types apply to the space of different heights, as well as with the overall effect of space.

The use of track lighting is not limited by space and scope; it can be installed on various ceilings, such as grille molding ceilings, ceilings without suspended ceilings, slotted flat ceilings, flat ceiling open installation, etc.

What is LED magnetic suction track light?

magnetic track lighting system

Magnetic suction track light uses magnetic adsorption of lamps and lanterns on the track, the conductive sheet within the lamp assembly, and the conductive strip contact track body to supply power to the lamp assembly. Mainly composed of magnetic suction track and magnetic suction lamp: the type and length of the magnetic track can be freely selected, generally including embedded magnetic track, bright magnetic track, and hanging magnetic track. The embedded shape is simple, and the overall lines are more refined. However, the installation is difficult and needs to be pre-buried through the ceiling; surface mount and hanging without embedded, no ceiling can be achieved. Smart magnetic lights are now an integral part of the smart home.

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Advantages of magnetic suction track lighting

magnetic track lighting system Usage Scenarios

Magnetic suction design, easy to disassemble

Magnetic suction lights everything on the track; no need for multiple holes or hidden lines. Lamps sucked up, hold the clasp to take down, a second to do.

Can be equipped with a variety of light sources

There are floodlights, grille lights, focus small spotlights, universal spotlights, folding models spotlights, straight models pendant lights, cone models pendant lights, and a variety of products to choose from, free to choose the light source, allowing DIY collocation to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

DC 48V voltage, safe and risk-free

Because the magnetic suction track light can directly replace portable lamps and lanterns by itself, it must have high security. dc48v voltage will not have any problems even if installed with electricity.

Magnetic suction track light lines are simple, flexible, and full of novelty. The lamps can move freely on the magnetic track, greatly saving assembly time and facilitating future maintenance. Whether in the installation process or after installation, you can freely arrange according to the needs of space, free to increase or decrease the number of lamps and lanterns; assembly of different lighting configurations increases the freedom of lighting design to meet the lighting needs of different spaces. Has a strong plasticity suitable for various styles and designs, enhances the sense of space hierarchy, and is suitable for today’s popular minimalist style design.

What is the difference between track lighting and magnetic track lighting?

What Is the Function of Magnetic Track Lighting


Magnetic track lights are slightly more expensive, while ordinary track lights are relatively cheap.


The magnetic track is generally DC48V safety voltage, under normal circumstances, harmless to humans; the ordinary track is generally AC220V AC voltage load capacity is stronger, can drive more high-power lamps and lanterns, and is suitable for a wide range of applications.


The magnetic suction track embedded needs to pull the slot in advance to bury the track; ordinary track generally does not need to open the slot; direct installation can be done.


Magnetic track lighting styles are more diverse and small mini; ordinary track lights are relatively small.
In recent years, there has been another branch of magnetic track lights: ultra slim magnetic track lights. And ultra-thin styles are becoming more and more popular in the market.


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