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KingOrnan is one of China’s leading led tube manufacturers.
King Ornan offers a wide range of solutions for various applications.
KingOrnan dapat memberi Anda lampu LED berkualitas tinggi dan harga bersaing untuk membantu bisnis pencahayaan LED Anda berkembang.

LED Tube Light Catalog

King Ornan is a led tube light manufacturing company that makes led tube light products. As a led tube light manufacturer, King Ornan specializes in producing various types of led tubes, including led T8 tubes and t5 led tubes, as well as led tube holders, RGB led tubes, custom-made and more. King Ornan is committed to offering its customers high-quality solutions for all their needs. Whether you are a led tube wholesaler or led tube distributor looking for LED tube light solutions, King Ornan is here to help!

Aluminum-plastic led tube lights composite tube's heat dissipation and lifespan are good, and the tube can be repaired and reused for a long time. It is one of the highest-quality options for high-demand projects.
Technical Info
t8 led tubes are widely used in the lighting industry and are easy to install. T8 led tube light features are excellent heat dissipation, long lifetime and high brightness. People can see the products clearly, and what can light the floor effectively by using the t8 led tube light feature.
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The T8 LED tube aluminum-plastic split differs from the T8 aluminum-plastic one in that the light-emitting tube and the bracket are separated. The bracket is installed first, then the lamp tube. Other performances and photoelectric parameters are the same. The split body will also be easier to replace—directly replacing the light source when the bracket is still available.The t8 led tube is a growing trend for shop owners adding LEDs to their stores.
Technical Info
The t8 led tube light (all-plastic ) uses a high-quality PC material for its tube, which has excellent thermal conductivity. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of the apparatus when using a non-isolated power supply, this design also meets the high standards set by customers in terms of certification.T8 LED tubes are often used to light office spaces and warehouses.
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The T5 led tube aluminum and plastic integrated body is composed of aluminum and polycarbonate. The available size is 2 feet by 60 inches, 3 feet by 90 inches, or 4 feet by 120 inches. The low cost, high reliability, and long lifetime make this kind of t5 led tube light win the trust and love of people.
Technical Info
The T5 all-plastic all-in-one bracket light with high light transmittance diffuser is a durable, one-piece molded two-color shell that has been flame retardant. Long-term use does not cause it to become misshapen or yellowed, so the fixture will remain new for a long time. One item of shadow-free dark slot splicing structure and a semi-atomized plug design to wash the "dead corners" of the dark slot, ensuring no shadows are generated during splicing, making the light more uniform and smooth.
Technical Info
Four feet led tube lights (T8 nanotube tube) use advanced nanotechnology to achieve a high light transmittance, hardness, and light and thin design. The LED light source uses high-brightness chips, and an advanced optical design ensures uniform illumination and superior optical efficiency. T8 nanotubes can be used in many indoor or outdoor applications such as hotels, office buildings, bars, corridors, shopping malls, toilets, restaurants, museums, and other projects.
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T8 LED glass tube, made of high-quality glass and fully automated production, reduces the possibility of human error and increases efficiency. The light transmittance of the glass is higher than that of the PC cover, which improves the brightness of light, making it beneficial for the output of light. The thermal stability of the tube is excellent and allows it to be in contact with air at 360 degrees; this makes heat dissipation evenly distributed and results in no hot spots.
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RGB led tube with multi-colour and multi-function (audio, video, lighting and so on), which helps you to create your atmosphere in various ways.
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Self-produced raw materials
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KingOrnan is the best LED tube manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China; we have more than 10 years of experience in commercial lighting fixture manufacturing and have set up a special aluminum-plastic tube workshop and semi-automatic LED glass tube workshop for LED tubes.

Your Best LED tube Supplier In China

  • KingOrnan has 10+ years of experience in commercial lighting products and has passed CE, ERP, and other product certifications and ISO9001:2015 system certifications.
  • KingOrnan has professional LED tube design and procurement guidance services and a complete LED tube product line (50+ styles) to ensure that you complete your procurement needs in one stop.
  • KingOrnan has a strong R&D team that can continuously develop new LED tube designs and technologies.
  • Kingornan has a professional production team, according to the different LED tube product lines, set up a professional aluminum-plastic and glass tube workshop with more efficient production efficiency to provide you with the most competitive advantage of LED tubes.
  • KingOrnan has a strong production capacity; for example, we have 8 semi-automatic lines, and each line can produce 10000PCS LED glass tubes daily. You don’t need to worry about the production lead time; whether you need 10,000PCS or a million PCS tubes, the delivery time is only 30 days.
  • KingOrnan has long-term cooperation with TOP-level importers in many countries, providing them with high-quality and cost-effective LED tubes to meet their market demand. You don’t need to worry about the LED tube solution; you only need to provide the target market you need to sell; our professional team will provide customized product solutions for your target market so that you can get professional one-stop guidance from product solutions to import sales. Professional one-stop guidance. We also provide OEM service for many top brands in China, including OSRAM, Foshan Lighting, etc., are our long-term partners.

Solutions of led light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We had more than 10 years of experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan was founded. In 2012, we began to focus on LED lighting products. Besides conventional lighting, KingOrnan has also invested much in the smart light series.

KingOrnan guarantees product quality for each partner. We offer certification support to meet different requirements, such as New Erp, CE, Rohs, CB, SASO, etc, which can help clients make customs clearances and sell easily. We will try to supply any certifications you need.

KingOrnan will be your best light partner in China.

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King Ornan always insist on innovation and new product development. King Ornan brings lots of surprises to our customers at every exhibition. Join the King Ornan team and start our win-win journey.

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King Ornan Design

King Ornan, as a professional led tube manufacturer, paid attention to the appearance design of led tubes light. Good appearance brings a series of primarily good touch performances to consumers. The appearance seems beautiful and vast in lighting intensity, which can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in people’s life.

King Ornan as led tube suppliers, we know led tube light is in a new way, the use of current fashionable products, LED technology with high brightness and stability, high efficiency and so on. And it is expected that what can widely use the led tube light in many areas: office buildings, factories, cinemas and so on.

King Ornan is a manufacturing company that makes led tube light products. Led tube lights have a high CRI, long lifespan, wide colour gamut and reliability. It is well suited for various lighting in many industries. And led tube light can be excellent for replacing traditional T8 fluorescent tubes of the same size but with better energy efficiency.

Design customized

King Ornan provide customer customization and jointly develop customer-specific moulds. We are your reliable partner in China.

King Ornan Manufacturing

Mechanized production
King Ornan used the mechanization process for led tube light production as a led tube factory. Mechanized production has several advantages, including a. Enhanced product quality; b. Speed up the product production rate, quality control and development cycle; c. Significant reduction of labour cost; d. Reduction of energy consumption; e. The large scale of product quality and quantity improves consistency, which is vital for large retail chain stores; f., Environmental protection (reduction of waste, CO2 emissions).

Brand materials:

King Ornan led tube inc chose a famous brand for cooperation to guarantee the quality, especially for led chips and power supply. For led chips, we use Epistar and San’an, and for drivers, we also use famous brands, like dark energy, Meanwell, LIFDE, etc. And most materials we produce our factory to keep the stable quality.

Good quality control:
King Ornan led the tube company to guarantee 100% of the quality of the led tube light, and King Ornan strictly controls each production procedure. Every detail should be thoroughly checked before shipment, especially if the items are in mass production. Our engineering department will ensure that all the product’s electrical or mechanical components work correctly.

LED tube production line

Why Choose King Ornan For the
Led Tube Lights Supplier


As King Ornan use mechanized production, our capacity each day can produce 200.000PCS. We cover a wide range of services from sampling, design and manufacturing to assembly and packaging to meet the demands of growing markets.

Abundant products

No matter whether you are a led tube wholesales or led tube distributor, King Ornan as an expert in a led tube factory, offers different kinds of led tube lights. King Ornan offer different kinds of led tubes lights, such as led tubes, t8 led tube, t8 led tube light, t5 led tube, t5 led tube light, 4 feet led tube light, led tube light holder, RGB led tube, 20 watts led tube light, 36 watts led tube light, 18 watts led tube light, 24 watts led tube light, led tube light size, 2ft led tube light, 5ft led tube, etc. What you need is what we make.

Full experience

King Oran, as a led tube manufacturer, has more than 10 years of production experience. We have prepared a response plan for every detailed problem in advance, and we have a plan for any unexpected situation; you can rest assured to hand over the order to us.

Customer Evaluation

kingornan pays attention to every customer’s feedback and is dedicated to solving any problems that arise. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our product or service.

More Choice

King Ornan is a led tube manufacturer that makes led tube series products, led panel series, led batten series, led down light series, led spotlight series, led tracking light series, led linear light series, led bulb series and some other related products. We can provide complete solutions for your lighting needs.


LED Tube Light

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Payment of our company will be T/T, L/C, etc.

Normally within 30 days after confirm packing. Special order will do special support.

According to different product series, there are different MOQs, generally a single MOQ is 500PCS.

For our manufacturer, we offer glass tube light ,plastic+aluminum tube light, and Nanotubes.

Size:0.3M, 0.6M, 0.9M,1.2M,1/5M

In terms of physical compatibility, both T8 and T12 lamps use the same G13 bi-pin base. So, if two bulbs are the same length (e.g., four feet), a T8 lamp will fit inside a T12 fixture.

1. Efficiency,2. Longevity,3. Solidity,4. Security,5. Environment,6. Colorful,7.Used popular

The cost and ease of installation of LED bulb and LED tubelight depends on your application and budget.

FAQS About King Ornan Led Tube Light

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know. We will fulfill our FAQs until you can find all answers in led panel light series in our FAQs. King Ornan is an expert in led panel lights solutions.


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