Precautions for installing the LED strip light


No matter whether in life or work and on many other occasions, different lighting elements are often added to show the beauty and theme. I’m sure you all have seen LED strip light, which is used in various mall/building facades lighting and in new home decor. LED strips have always been popular. Although they are very simple, the effect they bring is the icing on the cake for all kinds of indoorenvironment design. Put simply, an LED strip light is where the light chips are connected in series. It is widely used in weddings, festivals, celebrations, and other stages and evening parties, and even used to decorate homes. So for the brilliant strip light, What should we pay attention to in the process of use?

Precautions for installing the LED strip light

Precautions for installing the LED strip light

Precautions for installing the LED strip light

Installing LED strips may seem easy, but there are still some things to keep in mind when installing the strips. By learning the points we share, you can help avoid problems when installing LED strips.

1. Storage requirements for the strip light

The strip light should be stored in a dry and sealed environment, and the storage period is recommended not to be too long. After unpacking, please use it in time or reseal it.Do not open the package before use.

The hard strip light is manufactured by the PCB hard board assembly circuit board. The advantages of this product are relatively easy to fix, and processing and installation are more convenient. The disadvantage is that it cannot be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places. So what is more popular in the current market is the flexible strip light.

2. Check the product before powering on

When the whole reel of strip light is not removed from the coil and packaging or when it piles together, do not electrify the light belt, so as to avoid serious heating, leading to LED failure.

3. Do not press the LED strip light with sharp hard objects:

The strip light is the LED chips welded on the copper wire or flexible circuit board. When installing the light, it is recommended not to press the LED surface directly with fingers or hard objects. It is strictly prohibited to step on the LED light, so as to avoid damage of the light chips or dead chips.

4. Keep the surface clean and tidy during installation:

Before installing the strip light, keep the installation surface clean. Dirt may affect the adhesion of the strip light. During the installation of the light, do not tear the off-shape paper on the back of the adhesive surface at one time, so as to avoid the damage of the light chips caused by the mutual adhesion of the strip. You should tear off the paper as you install the light. The surface of the strip light installation platform must be flat, especially at the connection part of the light, so as to avoid the failure of the strip light and the uneven light on the surface which affects the overall effect.

5. Do not twist the strip light during installation:

During the installation of the light, do not twist the strip light body so that we can avoid breaking the light chips or falling off the components. During the installation of the product, do not use external force to pull, the strip light’s bear tension ≤60N.

6. Pay attention to the Angle radian when installing

To ensure the service life and reliability of the strip light during installation, do not over fold the product to avoid damage to the circuit board of the light.

7. Striplight cutting

When installing the strip light, cut the strip from the place marked with scissors symbol on the surface of the strip light according to the installation length on site. Do not cut it from other places without cutting marks, as some light chips may not be bright. After the waterproof product is cut, waterproof treatment should be done in the cut position or the tail end.

8. Connect the positive and negative terminals correctly

Generally, the low-voltage strip lights used indoors are DC12V/24V power (DC) with positive and negative electrodes. Gray (or red) is the positive electrode, and white (or black) is the negative electrode. The LED light belt is not bright if it is connected inversely. Not directly to AC220V, so as not to burn the lamp belt.

9. Don't install with electricity

The strip light is the LED chips welded on the flexible circuit board with special processing technology. After the product is installed, it is energized and lit, mainly used as decorative lighting. The common type of low-voltage strip light is 12V and 24V. To avoid damage to the light caused by mistakes during installation, do not operate the strip light when it is powered on.

LED strip use range

LED strip use range
  1. Office lighting: used for office buildings, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, and other hidden installation lighting.
  2. Groove lighting: used for families, hotels, shopping malls, and other ceiling or wall lighting with grooves.
  3. Decorative lighting: used for mirrors, beds, television, and other furniture.
  4. Shelves & display cases lighting: used in shopping malls, supermarket shelves, and display cases.
  5. Architectural lighting: used for building facades and appearance outline decorative lighting.
  6. Pool lighting: used for pool edge outline, and decorative auxiliary lighting.
  7. Yacht, ship lighting.
  8. Road lighting: used for park community path lighting.

Does the strip light consume a lot of electricity ?

My answer is: it does not cost electricity too much. For specific reasons, read below:

  1. For the problem of power consumption, we all know that the light is basically composed of small beads, some light with high power, and some light with low power, in general, we often use LED light with 1.5W per meter power, 4.8W and 7.2W. Then we calculate by the wattage of the lamp belt with the highest power consumption. Assuming that it is used for 6 hours every day, the daily power consumption is 7.2W*20=144w.144wX6h=864wh, that is, 0.864 KWH. 864Wh*30=2592oWh, which is 25.92kwh, so the annual electricity consumption is 25.92Wh*12=311.04Wh, which is 311.04kwh.
  2. The above is the maximum power consumption of the strip light.Generally speaking, 1.2W strip light is enough for the family. And the daily use of the strip light time is usually not more than 6 hours. The above calculation is according to the maximum power consumption of the strip light. In fact, strip light is very energy saving on the market.

On a smaller wattage scale, a 20-meter strip light adds up to about 100 watts. If it’s on for 10 hours a day, that’s 1 kilowatt-hour, which is a very low cost.

Nowadays, many companies and enterprises are taking the route of modernist interior style. LED light strips are embedded in the ceiling and hidden in the cracks of the counter, giving off cold light, and creating a professional and efficient image of the company.LED strip lights with wall washing, polishing, and local key lighting function, like the designer full of a magic pen, make the entire interior full of their own artistic style. I believe you will admire its magic.


Choosing the right LED lighting supplier will help you expand your market. As an LED manufacturer, kingornan will guide you on how to avoid installation errors. If you have any further queries, our experts are ready to help you. Just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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