Magnetic Polarized Light

Magnetic Polarized Light

Magnetic Polarized Light works by controlling the way the light from the lamps covers half of the surface circle to achieve the effect of a single side of the light; this unique way of light makes the light more pure and uniform full of the wall, is a lamp made for wall washing. It shines out of the light, which will be biased to the side of the wall, and can be more uniform to illuminate a wall, making it look more uniform and delicate. If a wall emphasizes a sense of wholeness, such as a painted wall, where the wall is already very rich, and we don’t need cumbersome elements, then a polarized wall wash is a better choice. Jinnan lighting in the design of light control is more precise so that you feel more healthy and comfortable in light:
You will not see wavy curves of light spots that seriously affect the design effect.
What you will see is water-like clean parallel wall washing light.
What you don’t see is a broken and lightless illuminated wall.
What you can see is accurate, and no dead angle of the integrated wall washing.


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Magnetic Polarized Light

Model No


Beam angle


Color Temperature




IP Rating




Output Voltage



1/2/3 Years


CB, CE, RoHS, ERP Certified


Magnetic Polarized Light
Item Type Magnetic Polarized Light Light Source: LED
Lumen 130LM/W Application: Residential,Hotel,Restaurant,Wholesale
Design Style: Modern Lifespan(hours): 50000
Place of Origin China Materials Aluminum+PC
Body color Black/White
Model A B C
6W 110 22 45
18W 330 22 45
12W 220 22 45
24W 440 22 45
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