Take you to know the LED track light

high cri led track lighting

The track light is installed on the track above the light (by the rail head, power supply, track rod, light body, and light source composition), and the track light can adjust the irradiation angle arbitrarily. It is generally used as a spotlight in places that require crucial lighting.

The track lights must be installed on the matching track. The track of the way contains a voltage input (220V AC input in China, which can also be customized as a low-voltage input). There are conductive metal strips on both sides of the track (the high-quality one is made of copper. , low-quality one is made of iron), and the joint of the track light has a rotatable conductive copper piece. When installed, the conductive copper piece on the track light touches the conductive metal strip inside the track, and the track light can be energized. That is, the track light can be lit.

General commercial use, such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores, and other brand stores), car shows, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, cultural relics exhibition halls, chain shopping malls, brand business halls, professional windows, counters, and other essential lighting places.

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Take you to know the LED track light

Classification of track lights

Light source classification


p30 LED track light


GU10 LED track light


COB LED track light

Number of conductive wires classification

Classified by the number of conductive lines inside the track, it can be divided into two-wire, three-wire, four-wire, five-wire, six-wire, etc. Among them, two, three, and four-wire are the most commonly used track types at present.

Two/three wire track

The two-wire system and three-wire system track are similar and are single-loop control. Two-wire track built-in a zero line, a fire line, a total of two lines (the ground line is usually placed outside the track), three-wire track built-in a zero line, a fire line, a ground line, a total of three lines.

Two wire track
Two wire track-Firewire
Two wire track
Three wire track
Three wire track

Four wire track

Four-wire rail internal for three fire line a zero line, a total of four conductive lines, that is, the same rail can be divided into three circuits of control, in the installation with the four-wire rail light with gear adjustment function, you can achieve different scenes sub-control needs.

Four wire track
Four-wire rail guide head

Five/six wire track

 Five-wire system, six-wire rail is less common, commonly used in DALI control system, where two lines as DALI signal line.

Five&six wire track
Five&six-wire rail guide head

In summary, such as only requiring single-loop control of 2/3-wire rail can be, requiring sub-control will require more than a 4-wire fence, such as the need for system control in the choice of 5/6-wire rail.

Track light installation method classification

Built-in track light

Built-in track light

External track light

External track light

Recessed track light

Recessed track light

Surface track light

Surface track light

Power supplier classification

Can be divided into non-dimmable/ dimmable: 0/1-10V/DALI/SCR/2.4G/Graffiti, etc.

Power supplier classification

Classified by luminous angle: non-focusable: polarized 15°/24°/36°; focusable: 10°-60° focus.

Non-focusable: polarized track light

polarized track light

Focusable track light

Focusable track light

Adjustable focus track light effect

Adjustable focus track light effect

Why choose LED track light?

1. environmental protection

LED light rail is the use of LED light source, LED light source is cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, color pure and bright, high efficiency. Ordinary mercury track light is based on mercury lamp as light source. Mercury lamp’s light emitting principle is that heavy metal elements such as cinnabar through vaporization with two electrodes react to produce light and heat, large radiation, high temperature and has to be carefully processed when broken, otherwise it may pollute the environment (mercury element is a heavy metal element, harmful to human health).

2. energy saving

LED track lights consume only 40%-60% as much electricity as ordinary metal halide track lights with equal brightness, which makes them a great choice for those looking to save on energy costs.

3. lifespan

King Ornan brand LED track lights typically have a lifespan of 30,000 hours, while ordinary metal halide track lights have a typical lifespan of 8,000 hours.

4. efficient

This product uses white-haired high-brightness LED, which has an electro-optic conversion efficiency of about 90%. This means that about 90% of the electric energy is turned into light energy, unlike ordinary bulbs, which convert only about 80% of the electric energy into heat energy.

5. safety

This product adopts the aluminum shell of the car, which is not easy to be damaged when placed at home or in the warehouse or during transportation, while ordinary bulbs are glass vacuum products, which are dangerous to a certain extent. In addition, the LED lights are driven by DC without strobe, which is beneficial to vision protection. , while ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent lamps have stroboscopic AC power supply, plus LED DC power supply has no electromagnetic interference, while the electronic ballast of energy-saving lamps has great electromagnetic interference. The unanimous pursuit of citizens.


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