The LED Batten Light Guide 2023

LED batten light in 2023 are the latest in lighting technology and offer a range of benefits over traditional lighting. They are energy efficient, durable and can be used for various applications. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about LED batten light, from what they are and how they work to the different types and how to choose the right one for your needs. We’ll also provide some tips on installation and maintenance. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of LED light stands and can make an informed decision when choosing the right one for your home or business.

The LED Batten Light Guide 2023

What is A Batten Light?

LED batten lights, a new type of light fixture, are the equivalent of the previous fluorescent tubes. However, LED batten lights offer better advantages, especially their use of LED as the light source, which not only saves more energy LED lighting requires much less maintenance and replacement parts, which can also save more money. One more thing, compared to traditional tube lights, bar lights have a sleeker look. LED strips are surface mounted and can be used in indoor and outdoor locations such as garages, warehouses, workplaces, sidewalks, parking lots, and storage areas. These modern lights last longer, use less electricity, and are more environmentally friendly than older fluorescent lights.

The development of LED luminaires is also supported by the government, which has introduced policies to save energy and reduce emissions, encouraging people to use LED luminaires to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution and improve the environment.

Advantages of LED batten light

batten light3

High lumen

Purifying lamps have the advantage of high lumens, which can reach up to 115 lm/w, much higher than traditional lamps, illuminating the space more effectively, saving energy and improving the lighting effect.

IK10 high grade

In addition, it also has a high IK, which can withstand an IK10 level of impact, is more durable and can resist external influence.

Wide input voltage

The input voltage range of the purification lamp is extensive, from 100V to 277V, which can meet the needs of different countries.

Milky white PC cover, UV resistant.

It adopts extruded PC milky white diffuser equipped with a prism inside, which can effectively resist UV rays.

Long service life

LED purification lamp has a long service life of about 50,000 hours, which is much longer than traditional bulbs’ service life and can significantly save cost.

Sliding bracket, flexible installation

The advantage of the purification light is its sliding mounting bracket, which makes the installation more flexible and can be adjusted according to the actual needs, making it more convenient and fast to meet different space requirements.

Good end-cap material

The advantage of the purification lamp is also reflected in the end cover, which is made of high-strength shockproof polycarbonate material with good impact resistance, which can effectively protect the internal structure and make the lamp more solid.

Colour rendering index RA>80

The advantage of the purification lamp is its high colour rendering index, with a Ra value over 80, which can provide more realistic and transparent colours and make the lighting environment more comfortable and natural.

IP rating can be up to IP65.

The advantages of the purification lamp are undeniable, up to IP65 grade, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature and low-temperature resistance, can meet the requirements of various environments, with good durability and reliability, can provide higher lighting effect, longer service life, lower energy consumption, safer lighting environment.

Types of LED batten lights

Batten lights come in a variety of styles. Below are some of them.

By shape

There are mainly curved and square purification lights; you can choose different shapes according to your preference.

According to the material

There are mainly iron and aluminium lights to meet market demands and customer groups.

In addition, there are also the following types.

Electronic ballast-type light fittings

These light fittings can be hung or placed on the wall, are made of high-quality steel, and are highly heat resistant. They have a slender body, use little energy, last longer and have a wheeled plastic clip on the housing to hold the metal cover. With a wide range of optional accessories such as wire guards, prismatic diffusers and industrial reflectors, they can be adapted to various environments, meet the latest office lighting requirements and are best suited to illuminate commercial spaces indoors.

Fluorescent Batten Fittings

Fluorescent Batten Fittings offer excellent luminescence with the distinct advantage of being lead-free and RF-free. They have a 50,000-hour life span, a built-in thermal control system, and parts easily replaced without rewiring. They are the lights of choice for offices, reception rooms, stores, restaurants, hallways and hospital lobbies. They are ideal for home and commercial lighting because of their bright light, energy efficiency, ease of use, simple replacement and low maintenance.

LED Battens with Diffusers

These industrial LED lighting fixtures feature sleek, modern styling for commercial and industrial environments, easy installation for quick retrofit, and a wide light beam for light distribution. The white-painted steel body has a high light output, the surface mount is unaffected by voltage fluctuations, and it is insect and dust-resistant.

Emergency Batten Lights

Emergency Batten Lights produce cool white light, are weatherproof, have a three-hour power backup and 50,000-hour life expectancy, IP65 rating, toolless replaceable gear tray, plug-and-play power connections and stainless steel end caps. Their acrylic construction is a plus, with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, a maximum brightness of 160 lumens that can be changed at any time with their innovative, slim design, pull switch, wide beam and a plated reflector, and laminated LED lighting fixtures that can be surface mounted in indoor environments.

Solar LED Batten Light

This Solar LED light is our new product. It is the perfect solution for many applications, such as Carports, villas, kitchens, yards, boathouses, warehouses, garages, camping tents, etc.

The solar light has 6 LEDs and can be either hung or mounted on a wall with the included screws. It also has an ON/OFF switch on the back for easy use. The solar panel charges up during the day and automatically turns on at dusk (or whenever it gets dark). These are great for lighting up your front porch or back patio!

The solar panel is weatherproof, so it will not get damaged by rain or snowfall. The battery is rechargeable which means no more buying batteries!

This kit includes everything needed to install it yourself: mounting hardware and instructions!

Important Information About Batten Lights

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IP Rating

The IP rating indicates whether the light is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If your application is for outdoor use, choose IP65, which is a high rating that protects against water and dust. If you are purchasing for indoor use, IP65 will still protect you from dust and physical impacts; otherwise, IP20 is sufficient because most components are still sealed.


Avoid low-cost brands as they can cause problems and may need to meet the requirements. Choosing a good LED brand will keep you out of trouble. When I buy something, I consider how practical it is.


Press strips come in various sizes, including 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, and 120cm. The 120cm is generally chosen because it is the most common and is easier and cheaper to repair due to its mass production.

Colour Temperature

Let’s say you’re installing LED light stands in a work area, such as a garage, parking lot, warehouse, workshop or kitchen. In this case, you should always want to use 5000k, as this colour spectrum is most effective in keeping the brain focused and active. If you need a warm and cosy environment, consider it best to use 3000k or 4000k, which will soften the light and add atmosphere and warmth.

How to Select Led Batten Lights?

How to find


When choosing a batten light, you may prioritize looking at the wattage, which indicates the brightness of the morning. LED light stands come in various wattage options, from 4 W to 75 W. However, the brightness of LEDs is determined differently. Different from incandescent lamps, the brightness of a light bar is not determined by the wattage used. Instead, the intelligence of LED strips is measured in lumens (lm).


If you don’t like earlier LED models’ white light and glare, you should choose a newer type. Light bars come in various colours, from a warm yellow-white similar to incandescent to a brighter white or blue-white.

  • Daylight color. These LED light stands produce the most natural lighting imaginable. They are often used in garages and kitchens, where good visibility is needed for safety.
  • Cool White Color. LED cool white light bars emit an almost blue-tinted glow. They are the best solution for security and emergency lighting.
  • Warm white color. LED warm white wattage emits a comfortable, almost yellowish light. They are often used in breakout areas or domestic lobbies of office buildings.

LED chip quality

LED chips are the key to determining the performance of LED stick lights, so choose a sound-quality chip. A sound-quality chip will provide longer life and stability, and there will only be a slight compromise in light output and quality over time. Therefore, it is essential to consider carefully selecting LED chips to ensure quality and performance.


Dimmable LED light stands can be used to manage light. A dimmer switch can be used to adjust the amount of light. On the other hand, the power of the stick light will be reduced. Therefore, you must consider this when choosing an LED light stick. If you need intelligently dimmable, you can use this accessory.

Where to buy the LED batten light?

LED batten light is a cost-effective lighting equipment. It has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, and durability, which can meet the lighting needs of different spaces. High quality is required when purchasing LED batten lights, and cost-effectiveness is also significant. kingornan is a professional LED lighting supplier that provides high-quality and cost-effective LED batten light products. kingornan’s LED batten light product line is vibrant; there are different power, different sizes, and different light colors to choose from, which can meet the lighting needs of other spaces. kingornan’s LED batten light uses high-efficiency LED bulbs, can save energy, and has high reliability and long life, can provide a higher cost performance.

In addition, kingornan also provides a full range of services continue to complete, from product consultation, installation, and maintenance; it can give full support so that customers can more easily and peace of mind to buy and use kingornan’s products.

In short, Kingornan is a professional LED lighting supplier.

Why Is It Time To Change To LED Batten Light?

LED lights have many advantages, such as durability and energy efficiency. Many people are starting to switch to LED lights and no longer use fluorescent lights, which can harm health. However, some people still need to switch to LED lights but continue to use fluorescent tubes. So why should we switch to LED?

Cost Saving

One of the biggest reasons is the lower cost of LEDs.

Cost Saving

Energy conservation is also a significant factor.


Traditional fluorescent lamps have a short life span and must be replaced frequently.


LED strips are more energy efficient because of their higher luminous efficiency than previously used lighting technology.

Brightness Level

The brightness quality of LED strips will not degrade over time and will remain in a relatively stable state over the life span.


Finally, aesthetics are important to us today. The LED strips are packaged in intelligent housing that can easily be installed in the ceiling or wall. It makes our overall style more beautiful and elegant.

Use LED battens in your garage

LED battens are not only a practical solution for your garage but are also more aesthetically pleasing than other types of lighting, so they will also provide a great look. LED battens can provide high-quality lighting that offers more brightness than other solutions, so if you initially need more than one light, LED purge lights allow you to replace multiple lights with just one.

The benefits of using LED battens in your garage include the following.

  • Aesthetics
  •  High-quality lighting
  • Replaces fluorescent lighting
  • Provides uniform illumination

LED batten lights come in various sizes, including 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, and 120cm, so you can find the purified light you need regardless of size or requirements.

In addition to the size of the LED batten light you need for your garage, you should also consider the following factors.

  • Wattage
  • Type of lighting required
  •  Cost

How many led batten lights are for a garage?

How many purification lights do you need to install in the garage? This depends on the area of the garage, the size of the lights, wattage, and lumens to calculate. If you need to figure this out, you can contact me.

How to install the purification lamp ?

  1. Before installing any fixture, ensure the power is turned off to avoid accidents.
  2. Carefully read the provided installation documentation and familiarize yourself with the institution and process to ensure accurate installation. Avoid re-installation.
  3. Start at one end and pull off the upper portion.
  4. Start pulling off the upper part from one end, raise the body to the roof, and indicate the mounting location
  5. Drill body or base into place and secure. Route the supply cable through one of the entry points or end caps at the rear of the third floor.
  6. Next, assemble the power cable according to the instructions, using the colors charged (brown), neutral (blue), and ground (green/yellow).
  7. After securing the electrical connection between the ground wire and the LED power supply, clip the LED panel to the body, ensuring it is positioned correctly along its entire length and does not tangle any cables.
  8. Test the luminaires by turning on the power supply to ensure they are safe.

Why is my led batten light flashing?

LED lighting strobe and driver-related, if it is a good quality product, the driver is used in a constant current circuit, isolated DC voltage output, LED light is very stable, there will be no strobe. There are some poor quality products on the market, the direct use of utility power through the capacitor series current limit, multiply the output, about five components so that the LED not only strobe and also charged, buy with a translucent paper cover on the LED can see whether there is a strobe, a natural look is very blinding, but also can be seen, do not buy products with strobe, very easy to break.

led light source strobe causes solutions

  1. LED lamp beads and LED driver power supply does not match. The standard single-foot 1W lamp must withstand a current: of 280-300mA and a voltage: of 3.0-3.4V. If the lamp bead chip is not at full power will cause the light source strobe phenomenon, the current is too high, lamp beads can not withstand a bright one-off, and a severe phenomenon will be the lamp beads’ built-in gold or copper wire burned off, resulting in the lamp beads do not light.
  2. Maybe a lousy driver power supply. As long as the replacement of a good driver power supply does not flash.
  3. If the driver has an over-temperature protection function, and the lamps and lanterns’ material heat dissipation performance can not meet the requirements, the driver over-temperature protection to start working will also have a flash phenomenon, for example, 20W floodlight housing used to assemble 30W lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation work is not done will be so.
  4. If the outdoor lamps and lanterns also have a strobe, a bright phenomenon, that is, the lamps and lanterns into the water. The consequences are flashing, and flashing is not shining. The lamp beads and drive is terrible; the waterproof movement does a good job; it is just lousy lamp beads; replacing the light source can be done.

led light source lamps and lanterns strobe test method

  • With the hand: the easiest way to measure whether the light source has changed according to a specific frequency is to shake the five fingers of the writing apart left and right under the light. If the light is not continuous, you can see the fingers at a certain shaking speed seem immobile, which is also the principle of flash speed measurement.

  • A photosensitive tube connected to an oscilloscope: a photosensitive tube connected to an oscilloscope to observe the accepted output waveform of light can also be directly seen whether the light fluctuates and its frequency.

  • With a camera: camera, when the exposure speed is faster than the lamp light source strobe speed, without the camera flash to shoot the lamp light source lighting objects, multiple shots of the exact location objects when the object brightness changes can also be used as the basis for lighting light, has the effect of changes in strength.

  • Gyroscope tester: the actual is to use a gyroscope. The top for a sign, let it rotate at high speed under the light to stop slowly. Observe the poster above. The rotation process can see clear signs when the light source is flashing at a specific frequency, which is the same as finger detection.

The decisive factor for a good quality LED batten light



  1. Driver Chip: The main component of the IC drive power supply is the IC, and the quality of the IC chip is paramount.

  2. Electrolytic Capacitors and Chip Ceramic Capacitors: The quality of the input electrolytic capacitor and output capacitor point solution will directly impact the driver’s life.

  3. Circuit design and soldering: The distribution design of the components and the soldering technique is also essential.

  4. Ageing Test: Each drive power supply needs to be tested and aged; if there is no test and burn-in, then the quality cannot be guaranteed.

LED chips

The LED chip is also an essential component for batten light. The radiant power of the chip and the bracket material of the lamp bead mainly include an aluminium bracket and a copper bracket, and the copper bracket is the most expensive. In addition, the chip’s size, the welded wire’s material, the phosphor powder’s fabric, and the glue all affect the quality of the lamp bead.

Base material

The base of LED batten light is mainly made of aluminium and iron. The quality of aluminium is better than that of iron, and of course, aluminium has different thicknesses; the higher the consistency, the stronger the base. Iron purification lamps are mainly available in thicknesses such as 018,020,022. The most commonly used market is 018, but they are too thin and easily deformed. The iron purification lamp’s surface is divided into powder spraying and film coating. The price of the film is low, but after some time, the film will fall off and age.


LED batten light mainly uses PC and PP cover; PC is mainly used in aluminium LED batten light; PC is used primarily in iron LED batten light; pc is more good than pp. The lamp’s cover is divided into two types: transparent and frosted. The transparent cover is mainly used for the lighting of the aisle, and the frosted cover is primarily used for the illumination of the living room.


LED batten light are a popular type of LED light, and there are several things to consider before choosing them for your business. If you are considering buying LED lighting for your business, please contact me; this is Becky. My Phone number is +8615314732040.

If you are planning to buy LED batten light, we at kingornan are a famous LED batten light manufacturer in China. Contact us today, and we will deliver your order in the shortest possible time.

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