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Ultra-thin LED panel light | Basics You Should Know

LED panel light is one of the most popular lamps in commercial lighting. LED panel light has a stylish design, high luminous efficacy, and high color rendering index, suitable for various commercial and home lighting. According to the size can be divided into large LED panel light / flat light (the most common large LED panel light size is 600 * 600 ), small LED panel light (according to different needs can be divided into glass panel light, RGB panel light, die-casting ultra-thin LED panel light). This article mainly takes you to a comprehensive understanding of the panel light in the highest die-cast ultra-thin panel light sales.

Ultra-thin LED panel light | Basics You Should Know

What is die-cast ultra-thin LED panel light?

Adopted the uniform light-emitting reflective panel and sealed design, with high-efficiency light guide plate and die-casting aluminum alloy material made. The uniform luminous effect, higher illumination, thin appearance, good heat dissipation function, low power, and less heat generation. Using an SMD LED light source is not easy to damage; the light source plate is hidden inside the lamp body, the vibration resistance will be relatively high, and the ambient temperature adaptability is also strong.

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How to constitute die-casting ultra-thin LED panel light?

Die-casting shell

Shell structure affects the shell’s durability as the main channel of LED panel light heat dissipation, simple and generous appearance, integrated three heat, and overall beauty. Still, the initial investment mould costs are high. Shell uses different materials, and its thermal performance is not the same.

LED light source: different light sources with different luminous efficacy

Usually, led lamp beads using 2835, the chip size, brand, and several lamp beads will affect the effect of light, and luminous flux will directly affect the price.

Diffusion plate: different materials with different light transmittance

Diffusion plate is the role of the light guide plate light evenly scattered, but also in blurring the network, using materials mainly acrylic, PC, PS, etc. The general use of acrylic 2.0 plate or PC material, almost PS material, the acrylic cost is lower and slightly higher than the PC high light transmission rate, acrylic brittle aging resistance is weak, PC is slightly more expensive, but the aging resistance is strong. The acrylic light transmission rate is 92%, PC is 88%, and PS is 80%; customers can choose the diffusion board material according to demand.

Light guide plate: The plate has a great impact on the light effect.

The role of the light guide plate is to refract the light parallel to the direction of the light-transmitting plate into the direction perpendicular to the light-transmitting plate, and by the reflective paper to the light guide plate refracted to the back of the panel light and then reflected out. The light guide plate is the key point of LED panel light quality control. The network point design is not good, see the overall light effect is very poor; it generally will appear in the middle of the light on both sides of the dark or appear in the light at the bright band or visible local dark areas, and then or appear different angles of brightness inconsistent. In this process, but also to reduce the light failure as much as possible, the light guide plate light efficiency depends largely on the dot design, followed by the choice of plate.

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Reflective paper: improve the light efficiency

Reflect the back of the light guide plate to reflect the remaining light to improve the light efficiency, the available material for PET or PP.

Back cover plate: sealing role

The main role is to seal the LED panel light to prevent light leakage; commonly used is the iron back cover; the thickness of different grammage, different strengths, but it also can play a small role in heat dissipation.

Power supply: constant current power supply mode high efficiency

According to the brand, voltage, isolation / non-isolation, with or without strobe, PF value size, functional requirements (such as: dimming color wifi ), and certification requirements will vary in price.

How to solve the common failures of LED panel lights?

How to find

What are the common failures of LED panel lights?

  • LED lights flicker
  • LED lights do not light
  • LED lights bright shimmer

How to solve the common failures of LED panel lights?

The first case, led light flickering, is how to deal with. 1, determine whether the led light line fails if it is to repair the LED light line; 2, determine whether the led light driver power failure is to replace or replace the LED driver power. 3, determine whether the LED light beads are damaged if it is to replace or shorten the LED light beads. In general, led lights flicker more common problem is the driver power supply problems or circuit problems; if the LED lamp beads are bad, the general brightness is not so bright and will be dark.

The second situation is that the LED light is not bright. General LED lights do not light up; it may be a bad driving power supply or LED light circuit failure due to LED lamp bead failure caused by LED lights that do not light up the case, but not much. So LED lights do not light up, you can first consider replacing the corresponding matching driver power supply and check the circuit.

The third situation. Led light shimmering, similar to the first situation, is the problem of LED light flickering, so the treatment method reference LED light flickering treatment is good.

Comprehensive solution:

  1. Troubleshooting method;
  2. replacement method.

It is very important to understand the basics for anyone who needs to buy ultra-thin panel lights. This includes understanding the composition of ultra-thin panel lights and the common failures of ultra-thin panel lights. With this knowledge, you can save time and money when buying or repairing slim panel lights.


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