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What are LED strips of light?

B15 led strip light

LED strips of light are made of an array of LEDs assembled on a strip FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which are named for their product’s shape. LED strips are known for their long service life (generally up to 100,000 hours), low energy usage, and environmental friendliness. They have started to emerge in the decorative lighting industry.

What are LED strips of light?

Features of LED strip lights:

rgbcw strip light2
  1. Soft can be curled like a wire.
  2. Ability to cut and extend the connection.
  3. These lamp beads and circuits are completely encased in flexible plastic, have good insulation, and have waterproof performance. They are safe to use.
  4. Very resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  5. Not easy to break and has a long service life.
  6. Creating graphics, text, and shapes is as easy as clicking and dragging.

Light strips have been used for many years to decorate and illuminate buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, cars, ponds and other things. Light strips are mainly used for main, indirect, and contour outlines. They can also be used as decorative lights or light-dark channels or signs.

What types of LED light strip

  • Divided by voltage

There is a low-voltage lamp with 12V, 24V, high-voltage lamp with 220V.

  • Divided by use scenarios

There are grouting, casing, and drip glue (waterproof) with the bare board (usually comes with 3M backings, used with the profile).

  •  Divided by Flexibility

There are soft light bars and hard light bars.

  • Divided by Light source model

The mainstream ones are 2835 and 5050.

  • Divided by light colour

Single colour, dual colour, RGB+W/CCT dimming and colour mixing, RGB illusion

  • Divided by Power

Usually in the range of 5-18W/M.

  • Divided by lamp bead arrangement.

Regularly there are single, double and triple rows.

  • Some new

The new style has a lens strip / COB strip.

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What types of light strips are available?

The high-voltage strip light

C1 led strip light

The high-voltage strip light is a 220V mains-powered light strip. The high-voltage electricity will cause this type of light strip dangerous if not insulated.

The general practice is to encapsulate the transparent PVC material with plastic. This is because the PVC affects the colour temperature of the light produced by the lamp beads themselves.

For example, you use the 2700K colour temperature of the lamp beads to make a lamp bead board; after being potted out, it may run to 3000K. You use 6500K colour temperature to make out; after potting, it may run to 6800K or 7000K.

The first is not directly connected to the AC 220V; it also requires connecting a power supply head. The power supply head is inside the structure, and its structure is extremely simple: a rectifier bridge stack converts the AC mains into non-standard DC power, as shown in Figure

Power head for LED strip light

Power head for LED strip light

The second is that with the rapid development of LED drivers and integrated circuits, the high-voltage LED strip has used high-voltage constant current IC. With the help of these ICs, the high-voltage strip becomes much more stable. Even if the utility is unstable, such as high spike voltage, grid pollution, etc., it can also ensure the normal operation of the LED strip.

And high-voltage LED beads (voltage drop greater than 3-5V SMD lamp beads at both ends is nothing more than the number of lamp bead chips in series on a lamp bead package), the emergence of the high-voltage light band is not limited to a cut in a meter. Now there is also a 10 cm cut of the high-voltage light band.

LED high-voltage direct-connected light strip

The Low voltage LED strip light

Low voltage LED strip is a safe voltage, can be applied to a variety of occasions, and there is no danger to the person; the use of a constant voltage power adapter (power selection / total power = rated voltage * rated electricity * 0.8,), the length of the strip is generally 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, beyond the length will have a certain voltage drop, the longest connection length up to 15-30 meters.

And high-voltage LED beads (voltage drop greater than 3-5V SMD lamp beads at both ends is nothing more than the number of lamp bead chips in series on a lamp bead package), the emergence of the high-voltage light band is not limited to a cut in a meter. Now there is also a 10 cm cut of the high-voltage light band.

LED bare board light strip: IP20

The back of the lamp bead board is generally covered with a double-sided adhesive backing to facilitate fixing on the surface of various installation materials.

LED bare board light strip

Drip glue:IP 44

Epoxy resin glue is dripped on the front side of the bead board, and the back side is still attached with double-sided adhesive backing. This drip tape is slightly more protective of the circuit and beads than the bare board.

LED casing light strip

Casing: IP 65

The bare board is sealed with transparent silicone, and the plugs are also sealed with silicone. Silicone has better performance than resin and PVC: more temperature resistant, more stable, excellent resilience, less deformation, high insulation etc.

LED drip strip light

Glueing: IP 68

The beads are sealed with resin or transparent PVC plastic on the top and bottom of the bare board, which can achieve a very good level of protection. This type of lighting can be used outdoors.

LED Glueing light strip

What is an LED silicone sleeve?

LED silicone sleeve

It is an auxiliary accessory role: heat insulation, anti-collision, waterproofing and other roles. Similar to the sleeve, wrapped with a thicker two-colour silicone. The white silicone covers the circuit board, bringing a more beautiful appearance. Milky white silicone is used to transmit light; the such light transmission can soften a single LED light and become a coherent band of light.

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Where the light strip is used ----LED aluminium profile

LED aluminium profile

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of rigid strips; one is the material itself is not a flexible board but a glass fibre board or aluminium substrate. Therefore, it can not have the free bending function of the flexible board, generally used in a straight-line use scenario. Another is the flexible strip bare board pasted to the aluminium profile, which will generally be paired with a soft PC cover to achieve a more uniform, light, and softer effect. Installation methods are more suitable for various environmental installations, such as aluminium profile slots, snap, paste, hanging, etc…

How to choose an LED aluminium profile according to the LED strip

The aluminium profile is the most important part of the light strip. Aluminium slots come in many shapes, including U, V, and L. These slots can be easily cut to size, making it easy to install LED strips.

1. LED strip size

First, measure the width of the LED strip. Be sure that the internal dimensions of the aluminium channel are greater than the width of the LED light bar. Purchase an appropriate channel length to match the length of the light bar.

2. What kind of lighting effects do you want?

A diffuser can be used to change the lighting effect. Different diffusers have different effects, such as increasing or decreasing brightness. If you want a very bright light, choose a transparent diffuser. If you try adding some extra decoration to your room, you can choose any diffuser that matches your overall style.

What are the light colours of the lamp tape?


Single colour: 

traditional 2700/3000/3500/4000/5000/6000K; blue ice blue, pink gold yellow light orange, etc.


conventional with 3000 + 6500K, colour light + single colour temperature.

Dimming and colour mixing: 

RGB; RGB+WW/NW/CW; RGB+CCT, RGB seven-color refers to the ordinary RGB light bar, which can achieve a variety of static monochrome, and dynamic three-colour jumping three-colour gradient seven-colour jumping seven-colour gradient, as well as the brightness adjustment and speed adjustment.

RGB illumination: 

Each pixel point has an IC chip, which gives each pixel point a different light-emitting state through the program of the control system, thus achieving the effects of flowing, running, scanning, and popular trailing.

The colours are also richer. Each RGB tri-colour has 256 shades of grey, a total of more than 16 million colours. In addition, the phantom light bar can be programmed by the control system to display text, pictures, animations and videos.

How to choose an LED strip light?


Luminous to be uniform

Uniformity of luminescence refers to two things:

  1.  The brightness of each bead and between beads should be consistent, which relates to the quality of the LED beads.
  2. The brightness of the head and tail of a strip should be consistent, which relates to the voltage drop of an LED strip. An LED strip needs power from a driver to light up, but when there is too much voltage drop in the driver power supply, the brightness of beads at both ends will look different from other beads. Tip: connect a required length of strip and light it up. Place them side by side so you can see them better with your eyes.

A light colour should be consistent.

The consistency of a strip light’s colour is also a test of its quality. To determine whether a strip light’s colour is consistent, hold it up to your eye or hold a piece of white paper next to the LED light-emitting surface.

The light band should be continuous.

To ensure there are no damaged areas or dark shadows, the light band’s continuity must be considered when designing lighting.


When you understand the strip’s basic knowledge, classification, and selection, you will be comfortable in the procurement process; you will pick the right supplier and good quality products, as we, Kingornan, our professionals, can give you strong support.

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