What is a LED Alu profile light?

LED Alu-profile

LED aluminum profile, also known as LED channel, is a key part of linear LED luminaires. These specially designed aluminum troughs for LED strip light fit perfectly into recesses in cabinets, ceilings, stairs, walls, and floors. The simple linear shape, low profile, and unobtrusive contour shell make the overall space design more beautiful and stylish. Kingornan has more than 300 kinds of led aluminum profiles.

Ancillary products for LED aluminum profiles are aluminum profiles, PMMA diffusers, end caps and clips, and light strips. Aluminum profiles are used to fulfill special functions at the rear of a luminaire (for example an E27/E40 connector). In addition to the aluminum profiles and PMMA diffuser blocks we can also offer various accessories such as our light supporting profile clip systems or the cable gland with its stainless steel liner.

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What is a LED Alu profile light?

Why do you need to use aluminum profiles with LED strips light?

Why do you need to use aluminum profiles with LED strips light

The light-controlled aluminum profile is made of high-quality aluminum and can be used for a long time. The frame of the aluminum profile is very strong and resistant to corrosion due to its own color and excellent tightness. The durable surface of the profile can prevent dust from attaching. The light occupancy rate of the aluminum profile is very flexible because it has a better heat dissipation system than other materials.

Buying LED strip lights may seem easy, but there are a few things to consider when choosing the right type of light for your needs. We can help you make an informed decision by sharing the tips we’ve learned throughout our research process.

How to buy aluminum from China

How to buy aluminum from China

LED lights are the most popular way of lighting now, which can illuminate the entire room or office and adjust the atmosphere. Therefore, LED aluminum profiles have become popular in recent years.
Although there are many different types of aluminum profiles, which are used in different scenarios, before purchasing, you need to understand some basic knowledge, so that you can purchase products that you are satisfied with, and your sales will be easier.
Part 1: Matters needing attention when buying LED aluminum profiles
Part 2: Types of LED Aluminum profiles
Part 3: Where to buy the LED aluminum profiles you need
Part 4: Advantages of LED aluminum profiles
Part 5: Material composition of LED aluminum profiles
Part 6: Can LED aluminum profiles be customized?

Part1: Matters needing attention when buying LED aluminum profiles

material composition

LED aluminum profiles are an important part of LED strips. They are durable, protective housings for LED strips that help the LEDs dissipate heat, resist pressure, and look good.

1. The quality model of the aluminum profile

The aluminum used in the LED aluminum profile has a great relationship with the overall quality. Depending on the shape and size of the profiles, different aluminum profiles may be required. Generally, high-quality aluminum profiles use aviation aluminum A rod 6063. It is a medium-strength aluminum with excellent corrosion resistance and, after anodizing, can be easily formed and extruded into complex shapes without reducing the strength of the aluminum profile. Many low-quality aluminum profiles use cheap, low-grade alloys that are not of good quality in terms of strength, durability, or heat dissipation. If used improperly, it will affect the overall LED light quality.

2. Types of Anodizing

The quality of anodizing is related to the quality of aluminum profiles, which directly affects the quality of our products. Our aluminum profiles are processed with acid-based anodizing and alkaline hard coating. Acid-based anodizing can be used on our deep-drawing process parts, while alkaline hard coating can be used on all processes.

Part2: Types of LED Aluminum profiles

Types of LED Aluminum

By shape: U-shaped aluminum profile

These are the most common types of LED aluminum profiles. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

U-shaped aluminum profile

T-shaped aluminum profile system

These aluminum profiles have a T-shaped profile. The T-shaped aluminum profile system is ideal for lighting areas such as bars, and restaurants lights.

T-shaped aluminum profile system

L-shaped aluminum profile channel

They are designed with two sides to emit light in both directions at the same time. When you need double-sided lighting, the T-shaped option is best. And it will save more power than ordinary light sources.

L-shaped aluminum profile channel

I-shaped aluminum profile

They have a flat design that dissipates heat quickly and is capable of glowing in the middle.

By usage scenarios:

Our Kingornan is mainly divided into 9 different usage scenarios based on usage scenarios, and different aluminum profiles are selected according to different usage locations. If you are a novice, we can provide a complete set of new product recommendation solutions to help you understand aluminum profiles, sell aluminum profiles, and achieve a win-win situation.

**Linear light series**

This is the most conventional type and the best type for sale. If you place an order for the first time, you can choose this series and use it in any scene you need.


LED aluminum profiles-By usage scenarios

**Wardrobe light series**

The wardrobe light series is the aluminum profile used in our wardrobe cabinets. When we need to find clothes, this light will light up, making life more convenient. Can be used in high-end cabinet lighting, display lighting, closets, shelves, etc.
LED aluminum profiles are a great solution for low-cost DIY cabinet lighting fixtures. It is designed to be flush/surface mounted to match furniture, under cabinets, shelves, drywall, wood partitions, etc. It can also be activated to create decorative light strips on walls, ceilings, floors, lights, countertops, shelves, steps, and niches. These LED profiles are available for surface mount, flush mount, and corner mount of LED strips.

**Ground step on light series**

The floor light series with LED light bar is mainly used for LED light bar aluminum profile on the floor or aisle wall. When we need to get up or stay up late and don’t want to turn on the main light, we can rely on the Ground step light.

**Lace light series**

The lace light series is to upgrade the most popular style of leaner light series with lace style so that the led profile light ceiling design has more design space.

**Special-shaped light series**

Special-shaped lights are specially designed for led contour lights, if you have special requirements, you can contact us, we have professional designers and engineers to realize your ideas together.

**Office light series**

Office light series are mainly aluminum profiles used in office areas. The design of this series is simple and elegant, which is more suitable for use in office areas and commercial places.

office light series

**Skirting line series**

The baseboard light series is specially designed for the connection between the wall and the floor. In addition to all the common uses of regular baseboards, a light bar card slot is also reserved, so that the baseboard lights can be used for lighting at night without turning on the main light. And can create a unique fashion atmosphere for the walkway.

**Office light three sides luminescent series**

Office light series are mainly aluminum profiles used in office areas. Office light three-sided light-emitting series is a special type of led strip profile. This design allows higher lumens and more uniform light output.

**Magnetic track series**

The magnetic track is a popular item this year. At the past Frankfurt exhibition, LED Strips light and Magnetic tracking light were very popular. If you want to quickly occupy the market, purchasing these will make your business go more smoothly.

Part3: Where to buy the LED aluminum profiles you need

Kingornan is one of the most professional led aluminum channel manufacturers in China, it has more than 300 kinds of high-quality led aluminum channels fit for any lighting applications and made to order. Kingornan looks forward to becoming your partner in China.

Part4: Advantages of LED aluminum profiles

Advantages of LED aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles can be used as housings for LED strips. The light strips can be fixed in place to prevent damage to these electronic components. In addition, the LED aluminum profile can also better spread the light.
LED strips in aluminum profiles with diffusers emit softer and more comfortable light than lights without diffusers, and the use of diffusers eliminates glare from lighting. The light is more friendly to the eyes and helps to protect the eyesight. The current design of the mains lamp is especially important for the eyesight protection of our infants and young children.

Part5: Material composition of LED aluminum profiles

Matters needing attention when buying LED aluminum

The aluminum profile of the LED light bar is made of aluminum 6063, which has excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly dissipate heat and prolong the service life of the lamp. Aluminium is very lightweight and durable, it doesn’t rust, and it can be recycled, saving resources. Lightweight reduces shipping and installation costs.

The aluminium profiles are available in three different surface finishes, anodized silver, anodized black and powder-coated white. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a thicker oxide layer to protect aluminum from corrosion and wear. Anodized aluminum is more resistant to scratches and corrosion than regular paints.

Part6: Can LED aluminum profiles be customized?

Yes, you can! You can contact us at Kingorgan.

Of course, you can provide design drawings, we have a professional team of engineers to help you. If you don’t have drawings, we can also help you design the scheme and products you want, don’t hesitate, you can consult King Ornan if you have any questions.

Kingornan is a well-known manufacturer of LED aluminum profiles. You need to know some knowledge about LED strips light, how to use LED strips light, and how to choose a suitable LED aluminum profile. You can consult us.


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