What is full spectrum light?

With the development of the LED lighting industry, consumer requirements for the quality, comfort, and other overall lighting performance of lamps and lanterns are across the board. These requirements are mainly reflected in the spectrum, not just pure white light or higher color rendering, but artificial light sources with various colors closer to sunlight. As LED lighting market penetration continues to increase, the growth of general lighting has slowed down; based on the full spectrum of health lighting to upgrade the lighting function has become an important direction of a lighting upgrade. The future can provide consumers with higher light color quality, and a more comfortable and healthy light environment lighting technology is the mainstream development trend.

What is full spectrum light?

What is a full-spectrum LED?

Full-spectrum contains ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light spectrum curves. In the visible part, the ratio of red, green, and blue and sunlight is similar to the color rendering index, which is close to 100 spectra.

Simply put, it refers to the light emitted by the lamps and lanterns in the spectral diagram of each wavelength without obvious peaks and valleys; the spectral ratio is uniform without serious disorders close to the solar spectrum, especially in the visible part (380nm-780nm) in the ratio of various wavelength components and the sunlight similar. (As shown in the sunlight spectrum)

We see the sunlight every day as the visible part. Artificial light is also the visible part of the proportion of various wavelength components made similar to the sun’s composition to get a good lighting effect. And most of our common LED spectrum is not the full spectrum or imitation full spectrum; spectral content is the lack of certain wavelength parts, which brings the effect will be missing and affect the quality of light parameters: such as the apparent finger is not high, R9 value is low, blue light is more and so on. (As shown in the chart ordinary LED spectrum)

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Full-spectrum LED classification and key parameters

The full-spectrum series is divided into three categories: high-display, double-blue, and solar spectrum.

  1. Key parameters: visible light 380nm-780nm full coverage, good spectral continuity. Good color rendering (Ra≧95, R1~R15≧90).
  2. Color rendering evaluation: conventional white light evaluation index: Ra (100 highest), R9. Full-spectrum white light evaluation indicators: Ra≧95, R1~R15≧90; Rg≧90, Rf≧90;

Full-spectrum LED technology advantages

Improve the integrity of the spectral continuity to create a natural and realistic lighting environment

Real-life objects under the light will show their color. Still, when the object in the spectrum is not continuous, with incomplete light source irradiation, the color will have different degrees of distortion. We want to pursue certain special effects that can not be achieved and the full spectrum to make up for the lack of ordinary LED in the 500 ~ 700nm green and red light band, to ensure the continuity and integrity of the spectrum, to promote the development of vision and color discrimination. Full-spectrum light source color rendering ability close to natural light, light color saturation is better, good color reproduction of objects. Create a natural and realistic lighting environment so that objects present more realistic effects.

Reduce blue light hazards, protect the retina

Most traditional LED light sources use blue light chips to excite the yellow phosphor (packaging companies to produce), packaging, and mixing to get white light. If the blue light component is too high, in the case of prolonged use, blue light can penetrate the lens of the human eye to reach the retina, accelerating the oxidation of cells in the macula, this is often said that the blue light hazard.

Blue light hazards on primary and secondary school students and minors have the greatest impact; these two years, China school lighting introduction mandatory standards require blue light hazards RG0 (no harm level), and all the lamps and lanterns that do not reach this level will be judged as substandard products, not through acceptance.

Full-spectrum LED uses violet LED excitation by reducing the peak blue light from 440 to 480nm, thus reducing the damage to the retinal photosensitive cells to achieve the effect of eye protection. At the same time, the spectral curve of the full spectrum is close to the sunlight spectral curve, which can effectively improve the comfort of users’ eyes. Especially for high-color temperature light sources, it is very difficult for traditional LED light sources to reduce the blue light component. (As shown in the chart violet and blue LED blue light overflow hazard chart)

Regulate human biorhythms, reflecting a healthy lighting environment

The sun’s changes regulate the light in our daily life. Before the invention of artificial light sources, sunlight was the only light source; humans rely on the sun on to live. Sunlight can not only provide lighting and energy sources for the earth, but sunlight can also regulate the physiological rhythm of human beings and impact human growth, psychology, and the human body. Working for a long time in a work environment lacking color and a single tone, people are prone to visual fatigue and psychological stress. Especially modern urbanites, most of them work in offices, rarely come into contact with sunlight, and cannot get the health benefits from the sun. If the full-spectrum lighting system can combine the simulation of sunlight throughout the year in the morning – mid-evening different periods of color temperature changes and brightness changes to provide more like the real natural light, is not more in line with human health?
The mutual combination of full-spectrum lighting and control system can move the sunlight indoors so that our office workers, mall employees, customers, etc., can reproduce the real color of objects without leaving home, provide vivid light, relieve the visual fatigue of the human eye, reduce eye discomfort, bring back the physiology, psychology and human health of nature light acting on human beings, thus improving the user’s light environment comfort.

What are KingOrnan full-spectrum lighting products?

LED sign light source:

Lightbox injection module, non-injection module, backlighting series, side-lighting series, diffuse reflective light bar, S-type product series, soft light strip product series, etc.

LED lighting fixture products

LED lighting fixture products are used in indoor places, including magnetic lights, downlights, ceiling spotlights, rail spotlights, grille spotlights, linear lights, panel lights, plant growth lights, and other lighting products.


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