What is LED batten light?


In recent years, many people have replaced traditional fluorescent strips with LED batten light to reduce costs and reduce pollution and protect the environment. So the application of LED batten light can be seen everywhere, so you will ask, what is a LED batten light?

LED Batten lights are a low cost and easy-to-install lighting solution that can be used in a wide range of indoor applications. LED Batten light is often used for room lighting on the ceiling but also can be used on walls.

LED Batten lights are a very efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent batten. Because they are energy efficient and have a wide suit for any lighting area. In addition, it is also very durable, longer warranty time has low maintenance costs, and is a very economical and beautiful lamp.

What is LED batten light?

LED batten light‘s Structure and composition.

LED batten light is a type of lighting that is mounted in a long strip and used to illuminate large areas.

The strips are usually mounted in rows, but they can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They are used for general illumination and are often found in retail stores, offices, warehouses and other commercial spaces.

The strips are made from plastic or metal with lenses at either end which protect the LEDs inside from damage. The lenses are usually clear or frosted white plastic to diffuse the light coming from them so that it does not appear as bright as it would if it were coming directly from the source.

The lights themselves come in many different colors including red, blue, green and white (cool white). They also come in various shapes such as round or square depending on your needs.

Types of LED batten light.

LED batten lights include ceiling-mounted batten lights, embedded batten lights, beveled-edge batten lights, straight-edge batten lights, emergency batten lights, explosion-proof batten lights, Solar LED Batten lights, and so on.

Because of the non-renewable energy, solar lamps are on the rise, and so is LED batten light.

King Ornan has all of the above styles of LED batten light, contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for the style you need.

Solar LED Batten Light

This Solar LED light is our new product. It is perfect solution for many applications such as: Carports, villas, kitchens, yards, boathouses, warehouses, garages, camping tents, etc.

The solar light has 6 leds and can be either hung or mounted on a wall with the included screws. It also has an ON/OFF switch on the back for easy use. The solar panel charges up during the day and automatically turns on at dusk (or whenever it gets dark). These are great for lighting up your front porch or back patio!

The solar panel is weatherproof so it will not get damaged by rain or snowfall. The battery is rechargeable which means no more buying batteries!

This kit comes with everything needed to install it yourself: mounting hardware and instructions!

Benefits of the King Ornan Solar LED Batten Light

The King Ornan Solar LED Batten Light is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a little light to their life. Here are just some of the benefits:

– Fast and easy installation—you can be up and running within 30 minutes!
– Efficient control system—the MPPT controller makes your battery last longer by charging it faster than other controllers.
– 72 variable lighting modes—you can switch between energy-saving, constant lighting, and various brightness levels.

How to install the LED batten light?

Step 1: Turn off the power.

Step 2: Check whether the LED purification lamp to be installed is complete.

Step 3: Keep a distance of 0.2m from flammable items.

Step 4: The connection on the lamp can be fixed with a wire clip, to ensure that it is firmly fixed.

Step 5: Select a long enough power cord. When installing the lamp, the power cord cannot be pulled, and the connection should not be knotted. The output connection should be distinguished and not mixed with other lines.

Step 6:After installation, connect the plug of the light to the low-voltage plug of the switching power supply.

Step7:Connect the switching power line of the lamp, usually, the brown line is the lifeline, and the blue line is the zero line.

Notes on Installing LED Batten Light in The Garage

When you decide to install an LED batten light in your garage, there are a few things to consider. For example, do you prefer a single tube or double tube batten light?

Watts: Depending on the brightness you need, the wattage needs to be determined. You can also consider multiple single-pipe combinations, especially for large garages.

Accessory size: The size of the accessories is also very important, you need light enough, but the size should not be too large, or take up too much space. The light color temperature is comfortable and so on.

Benefits of installing LED batten light in garage

High-Quality Lighting: Importantly, LED batten light is durable, has a lifespan of up to ten years, is not easy to break, and does not require frequent replacement of new lights.

Uniform Lighting: The LED batten light produces even illumination, so there are no dark areas that are invisible in the garage. Life is very convenient to use.

The decisive factor for a good quality LED batten light

led batten light factory 2


1. Driver Chip

The main component of the IC drive power supply is the IC, and the quality of the IC chip is very important.

2. Electrolytic Capacitors and Chip Ceramic Capacitors

The quality of the input electrolytic capacitor and output capacitor point solution will have a direct impact on the life of the driver.

3. Circuit design and soldering

The distribution design of the components, and the soldering technique are also very important.

4. Aging Test

Each drive power supply needs to be tested and aged, if there is no test and burn-in, then the quality cannot be guaranteed.

LED chips

The LED chip is also a very important component for batten light. The radiant power of the chip and the bracket material of the lamp bead mainly include aluminum bracket and copper bracket, and the copper bracket is the most expensive. In addition, the size of the chip, the material of the welded wire, the material of the phosphor powder, and the glue all affect the quality of the lamp bead.

Base material

The base of LED batten light is mainly made of aluminum and iron. The quality of aluminum is better than that of iron, and of course aluminum has different thicknesses, the higher the thickness, the stronger the base.
Iron purification lamps are mainly available in thicknesses such as 018,020,022. The market most commonly used one is 018, but they are too thin and easily deformed. The surface of the iron purification lamp is also divided into powder spraying and film coating. The price of the film is cheap, but after a period of time, the film will fall off and age.


LED batten light mainly use PC and PP cover, PC is mainly used in aluminum LED batten light,PP is mainly used in iron LED batten light, pc is more good than pp.

Top 10 manufacturer of the batten light in China


Year Founded: 1996

Company type:Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: Smart lighting

OPPLE was founded in 1996 by a group of passionate engineers and designers who wanted to create lighting that was elegant, functional and beautiful.

Location: Guangdong

Year Founded:

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: Indoor light

Philips lighting systems make people feel comfortable, and provide an efficient and safe environment.

Location: Ningbo

Year Founded: 2012

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: LED batten light, magnetic track light, led strip light

KingOrnan is a solutions provider with 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We have more than 10 years of experience in electronic parts and components before KingOrnan is found.


Year Founded: 1993

Company type:Manufacturer&supplier

Key products:Home lighting

Oaks Lighting has always adhered to the technological innovation of light sources and the eternal pursuit of quality.

Location: Guangdong

Year Founded: 1998

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: indoor light

It is committed to providing energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable lighting environment and lighting solutions for the fields of architecture, transportation, urban lighting, supermarket, hotel, office, homes, industry, and so on


Year Founded: 2009

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: Ceiling light

The company’s products cover engineering lighting, home lighting, light source appliances, industrial lighting, integrated ceiling and bath master, and nearly 30 product series.

Location: Guangdong

Year Founded: 1918

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: Home lighting

Specialized in the production and sales of electrical appliances.

Location: Guangdong

Year Founded: 2010

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: Indoor light

Committed to green lighting products.


Year Founded: 1958

Company type:Manufacturer&supplier

Key products:Indoor light

Foshan Lighting will uphold the “heart” to the pursuit of a better light environment.

Location: Ningbo

Year Founded: 2002

Company type: Manufacturer&supplier

Key products: LED bulb

Care lighting will continue to promote the spirit of independent innovation.


LED batten lights are an important type of indoor light fixture. They provide a safe, reliable and affordable way of lighting, and they are also the number one choice for lighting wet spaces such as parking lots. led batten light suppliers provide a wide range of fixture importers with products that meet the application by offering different styles and options of led batten light.

Having the right supplier is essential to ensure that the LED batten light you need is of the highest quality and meets the requirements of your application. Kingornan is a LED batten light manufacturer, our article provides you with all the information you need to select the right LED batten light for your application. Of course, if you have any further inquiries, our expert is always available to help you. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you with your LED batten light specifications.

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